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Appz Development is a renowned Android mobile application development company in India, established its name in the steadily booming Android market by meeting the demands of their clients. Admirably, specializes in delivering manifold Android app development services and offshore custom Android app development. Our expert team of Android developers thrives to cater the ultra-smart Android application development services and so-called solutions to our clients.
Not only that but we are also conveying a few more Android services to our main street:
  • Android App UX/UI Design
  • Android App Programming
  • Android Widget Development
  • Android App Testing
  • Android App Support & Maintenance
Android Application Development India

Are you looking for the best Android application development company in India? Appz Development belongs to the same family of Android developers’ blogs.
Although, they the Android app’s developer, you can trust upon. Holding a good stature with the ensuing figure, as.

Market Share
1.4 +
billion active devices
40 +
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Java as a programming language
Android App Development Process: out-from The
Best Android Application Development Company
As an established Android mobile app development company in India, we understand the value of a systematic and strategic approach. Our strategy has delivered proven results on hundreds of projects. Here’s a look of our Android application development process:
Our Android App Development Process
Appz Development possess a process that even wraps the Android Q development, Cheers!
Research and Technical
Our elaborate research and technical analysis procedure support you to produce a complete application blueprint report.
Our technical analysis is a key element for any app development.
Thus, the research and technical analysis method helps us to bring out the best app for our clients.
Gathering Required
Gathering required documents and creating use cases, might look absurd, but that's the best approach many software applications are built today.
It is important to define the minimum viable product, as the process requires maximum flexibility.
The collected data helps the app developer or designer in developing the bug-free Apps.
Design UI/UX
Designers collectively insight a mockup plan.
Wireframes are prepared & uploads to basecamp. Done in order to gather client’s feedback.
If clients finalize the plan, we proceed with the app development process.
Developing Products
We favor aligning development accordingly to the set milestones.
The testing of all development segments is performed thoroughly.
Modifications are entered individually as "Change Request" with expected span.
Quality Check &
Use of JIRA bugs tracking & app issues as per client's requirements.
Developers fix the bugs and faults occurring during each spirit and conduct UAT- user acceptance testing & overall functional testing.
Perceive beta, live testing across all types and sizes of screens along with optimization testing during staging and live server.
Support & Maintaining
We promise complete support to our clients along with evaluation.
We prepare our clients apps for content and site management. Also, serves with server support and upcoming upgrades like VR (Virtual Reality).
Not only that but we also offer the support for modifications and revise the application plan and begin a new cycle if required.

Finally, if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy Android developer company, we’re the right choice. Our team will create custom platforms with an intuitive UI to deliver the best user experience.

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Best Android Development Services To Meet The Future

Get a professional team of android app developers, enthusiastic to build the industry-defining products for your business.
Android App Design
We strictly comply with the android app development requirements, such as logo and icon design, UI/UX design, etc. Appz Development team of developers are experts in making premium designs that are responsive as well. We ensure that our product's quality prevails over quantity.
Any Device
Our apps are guaranteed to be supported by all devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, TVs and many more. We have a huge pool of testing devices for developing custom Android software which runs smoothly.
App Development
Our expert android developers know all the "ins and outs" of android application development. Plus, we use only top-notch app development tools and platforms, and techs to deliver stunning effects and beat our client's expectations.
Native Apps
Renowned as a leading Android mobile app development company, we can't allow sparing quality by producing hybrid apps. We travel the extra mile to deliver the best App to our clients. Also, we don’t limit the resources with the trends, if a trend like Alexa has revoked then we formerly try to put that in our app.
Agile Project Management
Our android app developers have an iterative, incremental method of managing the design and development of apps. With our well-organized, skills; we help your android apps to reach the top of google play store apps result.
Support & Maintenance
We believe in providing excellent customer support at all stages of the Android app development lifecycle. We also guide our clients even after the launch of apps for future upgrades with likely all android app bundles.
Expert Services by The Best Android App Development Company in India
Appz Development experts are enthusiastic about Android application development, their vast experience of working with different and latest android technologies helps them to implement a variety of technology stacks that our clients might request. Let’s hear the rumble out!
Bespoke Android Apps
You imagine, we create! Your endeavor is our top priority! Bespoke Android business apps were invented for the purpose of boosting your sales and marketing. Our State of the art technology is there to support android design architecture for modern business specifications.
Expert Android App Developer
Our Android app developers have mastered developing apps for multiple Android devices. Also, our coders & programmers loaded with advanced technology are ready to customize the Android applications as per trending business and industry needs.
Android App Testing
Android app testing is vast and more complex. It has its own list of challenges. Therefore, our dedicated team of Android app testers & developers ensures that the final product is up to the mark, faultless and bug-free which auto helps the application to overlook at the top.
Android UX/UI Designs
Android UI/UX lets you build the graphical user interface for your app. Our android app developers ensure that a well-organized UI/UX design is added to your mobile app development project so that it can go a long way in raising sales and establishing more loyal clients.
Security and Distribution
Android is secure in itself, safe from malware threats. Not only that but we also promise to make it even more secure. With transparency, we have spun out the ideal security blanket for your mobile. Our security features are such that they significantly learn and ban the threats.
Full Cycle Customer Support
Our customer support is well-versed in dispute resolution on all stages of the project development life cycle. We stand by our clients even after the launch of apps for future upgrades. Our customer support professionals are available 24/7.
Our Latest Android Application Development Work
These are just snapshots of some of the projects our developers have worked upon.
Why Choose Us As Your Android
Application Development Company?
Appz Development Android App Developers will change the dynamics of the market in favor of every client business.
Strong Skill Set

The Android platform is open-source which has made the developer ecosystem dynamic and equally enriching.

Don’t worry! Our Android app developers in India possess every skill set to make an app for you which will meet all your requirements. The app developer at Appz Development are well versed with the use of Java, SQL and Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Android Studio.

Often, our developers are perseverant, collaborative and have a thirst for knowledge. This makes Appz Development your best choice for Android App Development in India.

High-Quality Standards

As a leading Android development company in India, we make sure that our clients receive the best quality Android apps in terms of utility and ease of usage. Our developers make sure you have an intuitive UI/UX design to run all the complex functions of the app fluently.

The apps made by us are up to the mark in every aspect. Be it app loading speed, fluency of the app, or functionality of the various options. When we make an app for you, be sure you would get the best product in the market with respect to your budget for app development.

Extended Functionality

At Appz Development, we make sure that our Android apps check all the parameters that a fully functioning app would have.

Our Android app developers integrate your mobile app with unique functionalities with respect to the client’s demands. These functionalities comprise features such as NFC support, Alternative Keyboard support, no touch control, widgets and many more.

Enterprise Level Testing

We believe that the apps developed by us should undergo the top-notch level of app testing procedures so that we can guarantee that they are functioning flawlessly. We utilize the most recent and updated app testing tools in the market which include Calabash, TestComplete Mobile, WebLOAD, SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform, Testdroid, Kobiton, Appium Studio, Monkeytalk, Robotium, Selendroid and so on.

We to code. It's our passion

Here is an extensive list of some of the selected technologies we use. We study new technologies and write down our own implementations that we also share with the community via an open-source format.
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We have over a decade of experience and have worked on hundreds of different Android app development projects over the years. Our team will make sure your platform is well-designed, works great on different platforms, and is intuitive.

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