Have you ever faced a dilemma where you’ve developed an Avant grade app but it is isn’t being downloaded? In case you have then you aren’t alone! Numerous developers of today frustratingly face this issue and have no idea what went wrong!

They have tested their app on various devices and the app works faultlessly; what’s more? It even looks great and belongs to contest free niche, so why is it that people are not noticing it? The answer is it isn’t optimized!

Take a look:

They In the competitive realm of mobile technology, users have access to million apps, and if your app isn’t featured in the antecedent position to other competition then it can lose out exposure. This is why developers must be acquainted with the latest app store optimization tips.

What is App Store Optimization?

Much like SEO but not entirely the same thing, app store optimization means optimizing mobile apps to attain the purpose of acquiring plenty of downloads. This helps to ensure that a specific app receives number one ranking in few of the top listed applications in niche areas.

Once your app starts ranking well above your competition, customers will inherently be more drawn towards your app and click to download it.

However, are you wondering how to start with app store optimization? No worries! This blog brings to you 10 useful ASO tips 2019, which you can successfully use to ensure your app stays at the top of search results.

Read on,

  • Design an Intriguing App Icon

The app icon is the first thing a web user will see when he/she is surfing for apps to download. This is why to catch the attention of clients it is imperative that you have an icon which is captivating an eye-catching.

However,the thing to keep in mind is that your app icon should represent the service or purpose of your app. Nevertheless, keep the design minimalistic, simple, yet effective. For a piece of detailed information regarding this, you can check out this post at buildfire

  • Work on Name and Description

As an app developer, you do not want people referring to your app as “this thing on my phone”! Rather, you’ll want people to address your app by it’s given name, right? So naming your app right is should be one of the most vital ASO tips 2019, to follow.

To do this, opt for the following:

  1. Keep the app name simple, melodic, easy to spell and short.
  2. Try and opt for a name that reflects why your users should click and download your app. (in short make it pertinent to your niche)
  3. Make sure to do extensive research and select names that are not in use. You don’t want to be labelled a copy cat or worse face a lawyer for copying app names.

Note: For framing the app name the best choice is to go for 25 characters and not 225. The reason is only 25 of those show up in search inquiries.

Apart from the headline, the next thing to keep in mind is the description of the app. Focus on framing a crisp short description, which highlights features, social proof, benefits, brief data along with the call to action tones for satisfying the requirements of app store optimization.

  • Boost Social Media Overreach

Social media is the voice of today, and this is why app store optimization tips suggest that it is essential to use these platforms for building your app’s attribute. However, how to do this? Simple, find out your app’s personality by personifying it!

Suppose the app was a person, how would it sound like? What could be its voice? Once you acquire a brief idea on the app’s voice, select the social platforms, which will work best to represent the nature of your app. 

Then either use business language or edgy voice depending on your app’s personality and start with social media app optimization. You can post interactive content, make those shareable and likeable, host Q & A sessions, do giveaways and other things to attract niche users.

For more information on the following, visit this blog to know more at medium.com

  • Eye Grabbing Visuals to the Rescue

Be it website content, an app or a product no one can deny the importance of eye-catching visuals for garnering the attention of customers. Along with a good description and name, an app also requires engaging visuals like screenshots, images or videos. An amalgamation of all these together helps highlight your app’s most useful features, which will boost downloads.

Here are a few tips to input photos and videos in an engaging manner:

  • Insert screenshots that describe various features of your app in use.
  • Incorporate captions, arrows, explanations, which can show your users how the app works effectively.
  • Coax your users into believing that your app will offer better ROI to them over your competition.

Lastly, to make your visuals more appealing use video editor tools like Apptamin or others to bolster your app’s download rate.

For a more detailed overview go through this blog at medium.com

  • Smart App Marketing

If you have money in your hands and is not subdued by budget constraints then do not be a pauper when it comes to app marketing. Now, in normal cases, the turnover time for any app marketer is around a month. However, to make sure your app is downloaded frequently the app store optimization tips suggest that marketing should be fit into a tinier time frame.

Thus, adhering to your budget work to spread your marketing over the most popular channels, which has the most target audience. Some of these are:

  • Websites like Digg and Reddit
  • Content marketing
  • App directory sales
  • Relevant blogs and magazines
  • Sms marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media

Apart from this don’t just stick to organic searches for downloads. To boost conversion ensure to optimize landing pages for downloads too! Design a webpage devoted to your app and input a clear CTA on the page to bring in good traffic.

  • Request Reviews

Positive reviews from web users are equivalent to your app’s download rate growing exponentially. This is why to ensure that your app has valuable testimonials attached to it. However, try and avoid the implementation of fake reviews to make your app seem convincing. Too much of these will lead to the app store discovering your tactic and suspending your app altogether.

The right tactic here is to send requests to various influential bloggers over social media channels and request valuable testimonials. Apart from this, you can also tempt qualitative testimonials by presenting tangible prizes like coupon codes, and incentives.

  • Sculpt the Keywords

An integral part of optimizing your app for the store is making sure the app is optimized for search engines too. To do this the key is to sharpen the keywords.

For example, your app is called “Beautycam” then you need to make sure to use the keyword “beauty” as relevantly as possible in your content. Moreover, along with this use Google keyword planner to find out, which phases are used by the audience frequently.

Pro tip: do not simply use a keyword because it has a high search volume, but rather make sure it is related to your user’s needs.

Pick the Correct App Category

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind for app store optimization is selecting the correct app category. To do this the best option is to take the assistance of a digital marketing company and study the market thoroughly before strategizing your marketing procedure. Remember your goal is to make sure the app gets better ranking over your competition.

For example, Twitter is a social media app, but under app store, it is categorized below news. So if you’re app’s purpose is newsworthy then you know exactly how to categorize the app effectively.

To find out more related answers go through this blog of businessofapps.com

Focus on the Audience

To ensure that your app is being downloaded frequently it is also important to have an insight on who is using your app. This is where analytics come in! These analytics help you comprehend the user behaviour from download to deletion. The most utilized analytics of today is Google’s Universal Analytics.

This uses a special ID, which allows one to connect and access various devices and associate numerous sessions. Using this ID in Universal Analytics you can find out about user experience, user count and other helpful data.

Another popular tool to use for measuring analytics is Flurry Analytics. Featuring clients like Groupon, EA or Yahoo, this one delivers the following information:

  • Events: Create funnels, witness user paths, describe events.
  • Audience: The web user’s demographics, interests, personas etc.
  • Usage: User sessions, active users, retention, frequency and more.
  • Technical: Information on carrier data, device info, facts on bugs and errors and firmware versions.

To know more about other types of analytics to use you can go through the list suggested in the link - buildfire.com

  • Update More and Prevent App Crashing

Any popular app offers periodic update options to customers bringing something new to the table each time. This is very important! Consumers today want to invest in apps that bring the best features to them.

This is why if your app can deliver updates in periodic intervals both the app store and customer will consider your app to be of a high-value product.

What’s more? The updated app with the improved or enhanced feature will also offer more positive reviews owing to the latest changes incorporated in them.

Aside from this the next thing to keep in mind is to make sure the app is crash-free. If your app is crashing then consumers won’t go easy on your company. You’ll be loaded with dislikes on social media and your users might leave negative reviews that can hamper your download rate. This is why invest in a top-notch mobile app development company and ensure that all issues or bugs are fixed.

This will prevent your app from crashing and thus, you can offer your customers optimal user experiences. On this note, thus, wrapping up the 10 most effective ASO tips 2019 for new developers.

So, work to incorporate these tips into your app optimization strategy and watch your app get downloaded at a rapidly fast rate. Good luck!

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