You have heard a lot about iOS app development industry being lucrative. Yes, no doubt it is true. And now you want to be a part of this industry as a developer but the real issue is how to get started? Well, fret not! You need to learn and practice a couple of things for you to become a developer. You can opt to become a freelancer developer or join an iOS app development company. There are several iOS development company India and globally where you can join. But before, that you need to go through a few basic steps that will earn you the name of an iOS app developer. In this blog, we will give you 8 essential steps that will guide you to become an iOS developer.

1. Master the Xcode

The first and foremost step for getting into the iOS app development is to get yourself hooked to Xcode. You got to learn and master this Apple-designed software development tools that are mandatory for iOS app development. Xcode is basically a united development environment created for the Mac operating system that contain tools for developing software for iOS, watchOS, macOS, etc. You cannot begin to start developing iOS apps without learning the Xcode. For this purpose itself, you need to get Mac as it would be your working tool. The Xcode has a project organizer, code editor, debugger, compiler and various other significant tools that you would require to build great apps. You have to install this software in your Mac to get started.

2. Learn the basics of programming language

This might be the hardest part of the entire guide, however, it is equally important. If you want to get into the field of iOS app development as a developer then you got to learn the basic programming language developed by Apple Inc. If you are someone who belongs to the programming background then this step would not be too hard for you. You can choose to learn Swift which is easier to learn or can opt to learn the harder version with Objective-C. The choice is yours to make. These two are standardized goal-oriented programming languages. However, even if you have not divulged in the realm of coding, don't worry. You can get in to learn the basics of the programming language from the following two resources which are great for beginners. (i) Apple’s guide for Swift language - You can get your hands on all the documents and guidance of learning the basic Swift language. The official Apple website has all the fundamentals of the Swift programming language. (ii)Objective-C tutorial by Ry - If you are an old-school fan of basic Objective-C language then this guide is just for you. Well, don’t be hard on yourself for learning these languages in an in-depth way. You can learn the basics of them and then you are good to go.

1. Start to create apps via tutorials

Now that you have mastered the Xcode and learned the basics of programming language, it is time now to create a few apps. You need to start applying your knowledge and aim to build apps for which you are here. You can seek help from step by step tutorials and get started with building simple apps. There are plenty of tutorial websites online that offer to teach learners. You can check the following websites that offer such tutorials - (i) Ray Wenderlich - This website has a huge database containing iOS app development tutorials. You can choose this site as they offer a clear step by step tutorial class for building iOS apps. (ii) AppCoda - This website is probably one of the best learning platforms for beginners. The site contains varied clear and precise tutorials. The description for each of the tutorials is in elaboration so that the learners get clear knowledge regarding the app-building process. However, don’t limit yourself with only these tutorial sites. Proceed and create varied apps and get your developer instinct started. Make sure to keep doing what you are doing until you find your comfort zone in app developing.

4. Get started with custom apps

Now that you are moving forward and are more or less an intermediate in iOS app development, you are ready to move on to the next step. Get yourself into creating custom apps that would be included in your CV for future reference. Sounds intimidating right? But, fret not! You don't have to start building a high-level app such as Facebook. You can start small and gradually progress your way forward. The main aim of this step is to know about your comfort zone in the area of iOS developing. You may be good at creating a sleek user interface or in creating music player or audio apps, find the right zone and create your custom app. Direct your interest and skill toward building a clean coded design.

5. Expand knowledge on software development

Meanwhile, do not cease to expand your knowledge in regards to software development. After all, you need to brush up your coding knowledge and make improvements in the field of app developing. Give at least one hour of the day for practicing iOS development. If you think you know enough about this domain by now then you are certainly wrong. The iOS app development industry is continuously on the verge of advancement and progress. With new updates and versions every now and then, you need to keep on expanding your knowledge on software development. Contribute at least one hour of your day and you are good to go.

6. Finish up your app precisely

Now that you have surpassed the vital steps of iOS development it is time for you to build and finish a completely functioning app. This app would be in your resume and must be categorized as one of your best works. If you wish to join an iOS app development company as a developer then here is the list of things these companies look for in your app -
  • A fully functional app.
  • App that contains clear coding language.
  • Organized code with small categories, definite names for each variable and also compact and precise file grouping within the Xcode project.
  • Addition of storyboards. You will be more preferred if you include both code and storyboard for creating a user interface.
  • CocoaPods usage.
  • Application of simplified unit tests.
  • External libraries must be utilized. For instance, open-sourced projects on GitHub.
These are the basic requirements that companies generally search for in an app. However, these may differ from company to company.

7. Publishing app to App Store

This step is completely optional and entirely remains on your choice. Now, your app is ready and you want it to be recognized by everyone. So what do you do? You publish your creation to the App Store. However, in order to do so, you need to open an iOS developer account that will cost you $99 annually. It is a risky step to take as there may be chances that not many people would recognize your app and it would not gain you the amount you invested in the first place. But, this can be a star attribute in your resume as several companies appreciate candidates that have an App Store published app. It even signifies that you are know how the publishing process works and what are the do’s and dont’s of Apple guidelines. It depends upon you whether you want your app to get published or not.

4. Upload the app to GitHub

You may have not heard about this but GitHub is a social platform that users utilize for sharing code. You can upload your code of the app on this platform and contribute to open source projects. Again this step is absolutely optional. The reason why we are recommending this step is that you can benefit from this platform as it is the best backup. Additionally, you can show your app's code to a future employer in an advanced platform. Now that you are fully aware of the steps that are involved in becoming or entering into the world of iOs app development. There is no stopping you. Start your journey as a beginner and progress forward successfully by incorporating these steps. Whether you want to create your iOS development service or join a reputed company as a developer, these steps will help you either way. From learning the basics of iOS software to publishing your app on the App Store, the progress may sound long but it is definitely not impossible. Your wish to get into the best iOS app development company India or anywhere in the world will be fulfilled once you follow these steps.

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