A few years back, we would not have imagined transmitting millions of data from one place to another in the blink of an eye. When I first started using mobile phone 10 years back, I was happy that I could connect to my friends and family quite easily. Back then I was not concerned about the internet speed or different mobile applications. Coming back to the present time, scenario have changed a lot. These days we do need high speed internet and various applications on our mobile that would make life much easier.

With advent of new technological era, we are entering in the world of fast and reliable internet that can transmit data throughout the world within less than a second. The introduction of 4G technology in the previous years though improved the condition of mobile app development industry to a great extent but the current speed has now somehow limited the growth opportunities. In order to cater with the situation and give much higher internet speed, the technological world has come up with the concept of 5G. The 5G concept would not only improve the connections but would also bring in a revolution in the mobile app development industry.

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What is 5G?

Before we start on with discussing how 5G will impact the mobile app development industry in 2019, it is important to know what the technology is all about. It is basically the upgraded version of mobile internet connectivity that not offers a faster speed but is much more reliable when it comes to working on any device. The technology is equipped with all round infrastructure that would help in carrying large sized data in a matter of a few seconds. This would improve the connectivity of the world to a greater extent and there would also be a paradigm shift which would open the doors to a greater technical innovation.

To sum it up, the benefits of using 5G network in mobile are as follows:

  • The technology has promised us with a speed of 10 to 50 gbps.
  • Using the 5G network speed, users would be able to stream 4k HDR content on their devices.
  • The resolution of the videos would increase many fold times with the use of 5G network.
  • The technology has the capability of bringing together different networks under a single platform.
  • The connectivity issue would come to an end with the use of 4G as people would get connections with no interruptions all around the globe.

What are the advantages of 5G over 4G?

5G would occupy a higher frequency band compared to 4G and this would allow for lesser crowded airways and much higher speeds. Some of the clear advantages of 5G over 4G would include

  • Lower latency which implies that there would be lesser interference with lesser delays.
  • The wireless capacity for 5G is much higher and this would allow for an increased device capacity along with IoT.
  • Due to higher frequency used in 5G, the precision capabilities are much better that would prove to be really useful for GPS enabled mobile applications that require high precision.
  • With the latency reduction and increase in speed, the battery consumption in the devices would reduce and hence people would be able to use mobile applications for a longer period of time.
  • With the introduction of 5G, the doors to some new cases have opened up that seemed impossible with 4G. Some of these cases would include Industrial IoT, Remote machinery control, Wireless eHealth etc.

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The impact of 5G on mobile app development industry in 2019

The impact of 5G is very abundant in the mobile app developmentindustry in 2019. It is to be noted that before the app developers starts creating any mobile application, they do take device and networks to consideration. In order to run an app smoothly, it is very important that they should consider all the requirements. So with the news of 5G initiation, the developers have started optimizing their strategies and have started planning their applications in such a way that they can use 5G advantage to the fullest. The inclusion of 5G in the application development would boost the productivity of both the users as well as the developers who would be involved in designing and creating the new age mobile applications.

Here are some of the ways by which 5G impacts the web development industry

  • Enhanced Mobile broadband (eMBB)- One of the most important component for a mobile application is to look attractive and good. The concept uses enriched media experience which comprise of AR, VR etc. This can help in attracting more users towards the app and hence reduce the abandonment rate. You would be able to understand the difference once you think about streaming YouTube video over 2G or 3G internet connection and compare the same to 4G streaming.
  • As mentioned earlier, with 5G there would be no or very low latency communication. This would help the applications to transfer data between devices without any delay. This proves to be really helpful in real time when immediate responses are needed. Thus 5G would improve the mobile application user experience by reducing the overall download time, also enhancing the overall quality.
  • 5G offers massive machine type communication (mMTC) with higher speed, lower power usage and no latency. The mMTC basically refers to data communication between two devices without any human interference. It basically focuses on IoT devices and require a greater speed for internet.
  • Coming to a specific genre of app which is the navigational app, the 5G connection would open up a whole new opportunities for them. Due to increased in the connectivity and other factors, users would be able to get a better response that would improve their overall experience.
  • The 5G technology would enhance the experience when it comes to 3D gaming and augmented reality. These high end technologies would get a great boost and with the use of 3D printers and 5G technologies, users would be able to create high end 3D models of different types of objects.
  • The use of 5G technology would lower the dependency on hardware. This means the mobile apps would be dependent more on the network and less on the processing power and hardware condition of the device.

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Things developers need to do in order to make the mobile apps 5G competent

Here are a list of things that the developers would need to work on in order to make the mobile apps competent to the 5G technology:

  • The developers would need to focus on ambient computing as the increased power of 5G technology would support this. The developers can take up this opportunity to create applications that have wireless support and more reliable connectivity.
  • In the present era, downloading certain data packages are always advised over Wi-Fi connection due to slower speed of mobile network. With 5G network speed, anyone would be able to download bigger packages in mobile network and the developers would need to design the application according to that.
  • Developers needs to focus their attention in building cloud hosted apps that are currently not under use mainly due to slower mobile networks.
  • With the enhanced network services, users would always be connected to the network. Looking in to this, developers would need to make devices that have an advanced ambient connectivity.

The challenges involved in implementing 5G to mobile apps


Like a coin, there are two sides when it comes to implementing 5G in your mobile application. Firstly in order to use the service, you would have to buy 5G supported devices and let go of your old mobile phone. There are some other threats involved as well, let us explore them:

  • There can be an increased security issue as the number of connected devices along with the networks would increase.
  • There would be a split in app versions as the app that is used in 3G or 4G technologies would be poles apart compared to the apps that would be used in 5G network.
  • With the speed and efficiency that the 5G network are launched with, a 5G based business model is required so that the potential of the high speed and low latency could be used to the fullest.


5G technology indeed have a great future when it comes to user experience and greater connectivity. The speed of the internet would be super fast and people would be able to transfer huge mb of data within the blink of an eye. It is needed to be remembered that once 5G connections are implemented, one would have to upgrade their devices so that they can enjoy the technology. Hence overcoming the security and the expense barriers, the technology does have a great future. It is important that the mobile app developers look into all the aspects of the technology and design an application that would not only grab the attention of the users but would also take their experience to the next level.

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