The digital universe is not only agile but also a little imaginative. Things here on this platform could be highly dynamic and VR apps are making things even better for augmented reality. The mobile VR app market is witnessing a robust growth.

Especially Android as an ecosystem has come a long way since its inception. Every year it comes up with new innovation and new features.  Android holds more than 80 percent of market share in the app segment and it is expected to rise further. Now, that makes it a popular choice.

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However, the crux of the matter is that you need to discover how the apps are going to change the VR market. Before you find out android application development company that can create perfect VR apps, you need to know how it is poised to change the landscape.

Better learning experience:

The education industry is trying to facilitate learning through interactive mobile apps and that is where VR comes into the scene. Certainly, developers can create games for learning, videos and other features to engage students in a more interesting and meaningful way. By using apps, now, the teachers and parents can guide, monitor and teach kids effectively.

In addition, the learning methods have been revolutionized through various VR devices like Oculus Rift. This headset enables students to connect with people in different parts of the world so that they can learn new languages.

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Beautiful shopping experience:

As the e-com industry witness a robust growth, apps are making their presence felt, perhaps in a more personalized way because developers are making the VR apps so that the customers can have complete view of the product. Best bet? Customers can view 3D view of their products and they can also simulate the products to see whether it fits into their life appropriately or not.

For instance, a customer can simulate an artifact that he/she wants to order to see whether it fits into the interior of their home or not. Having this feature would mean making the right decision. Ultimately, it eliminates the blind spots that often unfold after the customer buys the product just to discover that it is a mismatch.

That is not the only beautiful shopping experience but also customers can have in store experience too. For instance, a retail store with VR app can make the customers see how the dress or shoes would look on them. This can also help the store in interacting with their customers in a better manner because they can have the app serve the customers even on a busy day when all the trial rooms are occupied.

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Better business communication:

The business universe is becoming decentralized because the digital technology has paved the way for a new work culture where you can have someone working for you in another part of the globe without you having to meet him personally. In this scenario, the business houses and entrepreneurs can have VR apps to run teleconferencing and meetings. Undoubtedly, this will improve the efficiency of the business.

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Better user engagement:

Engagement is the buzzword of the current world because customers have somehow fallen into the habit of brad communication on social media platforms. And the same thing is being transferred to the mobile apps because each social media site has a mobile app. However, you can make better engagement through VR apps because customers might just love to interact with you and your brand on a more personalized plane.

For example, you are a restaurant and then you can have your customers look at your menu or the setting so that they can plan their visit accordingly. If you are a tour company, then you can showcase various images of the destination so that the customers can have a glimpse. Undoubtedly, better engagement would mean having a better conversion rate. Undoubtedly, for this, you have to find the most competent mobile application development India that can create better VR apps.

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Better brand connectivity:

Undoubtedly, business is all about human relationship. Perhaps, in a broader context, it is about how your customers interact with your brand. Having a VR could enhance brand interaction and bring better results. For instance, if you are a fashion brand, then you could possibly bring your customers onto your VR app to participate in your fashion show. If you are an event company, then you can also rate apps where your customers can participate before the event kicks off. Hence, you have to find the mobile app development India that can create VR app and deploy smart business logic to improve your brand connectivity.

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Greater mobility:

VR apps can give you better mobility because now with the help of these apps, you can certainly make your customers take the virtual tour for instance if your opening a new resort then you can make your customers take tour and experience what it would feel like if they visit the resort. This will ultimately, improve user experience and bring more customers onboard.

Let’s have a quick look at a few VR apps that are currently in demand and then perhaps, you can understand what it is poised to do in future.

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Google Cardboard:

This a VR app developed by Google where users can connect to other users through headsets and view content using lenses. This is one of the most preferred and used VR mobile app that is widely used by app lovers. If you want to create such kind of apps, then you should find the mobile app development company that can craft apps of that level. Undoubtedly, it demands skilled and intelligent developers to build such apps.

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This is quite a fascinating yet scary app because it is a horror app whether the users can experience the thrill on the virtual reality platform. But why would you build such apps? Undoubtedly, if you are a film production house, then perhaps you need such kind of apps.

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Augmented Reality Games:

There are quite a number of augmented reality software available in the market and one of the most well-known games is Poke man GO. Here your old ‘Poke man finds a bigger map as the gamers have to discover and contact the virtual poke man that is hidden somewhere in the map of the world.

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Augmented Reality Browsers:

This browser enables you to find more specific and in-depth information about the subject of your search. For instance, if you are searching for a hotel, then it would display information like the age of the building, location and architectural style.

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Augmented Reality 3.0:

This particular app is good for the business operation because here with the help of this app customers can view products in the real environment. This app helps the customers making the right decision. This is ideal for e-com sites and architectural firm. Even the retail outlets can use this app so that it can help the customers in making the right decisions.

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This particular app is good for photographers because it will help the photographers in viewing the solar path. Undoubtedly, it offers a clear 3D view. So if you are a camera retailer, then perhaps, you can create such apps to drive growth.

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 RYOT VR is an app that makes people watch documentaries as they unfold. For instance, an outbreak of diseases, a riot or draught can be viewed in real time as they unfold. This gives a unique perspective and perhaps can help people in helping others.

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Augmented Reality GPS:

This app is highly useful for locating the position of the user. Especially, these kinds of apps are being used by travel agencies so that they can track the position of each vehicle. In addition, these apps can also give more information about the vehicle's performance and behavior. In brief, as a travel agency, you must choose to have this kind of app to improve security and efficiency.

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This is one of the most sophisticated apps that can make you experience the feel of an unknown place without you having to visit the place. This technology uses Google’s sphere technology.

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What to consider while building apps:

Features: The features are important because here the apps cannot act independently; in fact, you have to have various devices like headsets and lenses. But then, you need to have specific features for each device because the same device might act differently on different devices depending upon the brand or the generation hence, you should find android app development India that understands VR app landscape.

In addition, you should also be careful about how you build the UI and UX because you still need to offer better user experience. Having an app would not suffice because you have to make it an enjoyable journey. So, ensure that you carefully design the UI/UX.  All you need to find out android app development India that can create prototypes so that you can have a look at how it would look after the execution.

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Seamless operation:

Since VR apps are highly advanced apps and gadgets, you have to ensure that you make the operation smoother. For instance, things like lagging animation, poor visibility and crop issues can frustrate users.

That is not all some ill-designed apps can stop responding to the user inputs. And believe it there could be nothing as frustrating as this particular experience. Therefore, you should always consider highly qualified hybrid mobile app developer who can do the job perfectly.

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Efficient tracking:

Since the apps use various monitoring tools like accelerometer and gyroscope to bring the right information and display them properly, you have to ensure that the tracking is smooth and efficient.

Testing: It is important that you test the app properly to eliminate all the bugs that might unfold as the app goes live. Certainly, bugs are unwanted elements and a best app development company can trust the apps before they could deploy the apps in the app store.

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Security is yet another aspect that you should and must look at while developing the app. Since the digital universe is highly prone to threats posed by hackers, you should deploy a robust security system. And that could be possible only when you find the most experienced and skillful hybrid mobile app development company that is keen on creating highly secure apps.


You cannot invest money in developing VR apps just because it is a new trend. In fact, you must have the right kind of marketing strategy in place otherwise things might just turn out to be a depressing. Note, developing a VR app is a costly affair and you should not venture into it without having a robust plan, hence, make certain that you craft a marketing strategy to promote the app.

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Before you delve deep into the development process, you need to have your homework properly done because without knowing the market and user preferences, you are likely to create an app that is either ineffective or contextually flawed. For instance, if you are a fashion brand, then perhaps, you should create an app for people with different physical features and anatomy. Undoubtedly, you can learn about the user preference only when you know what matters to them. All you need to do is to run surveys and polls to find out about their preferences.

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The VR apps are poised to change the dynamics of the world and you as a business house must consider having one app. However, for that, you need to find a hybrid app development company that can perfect the app.

Undoubtedly, you have to work with a company that has already created VR apps. Since it is a highly complex process, you must ask them to offer you a product strategy. In addition, make sure that you look at the previous apps that they have created.  This will give you a fair idea about their quality and expertise.

It is time to capitalize on augmented reality universe to bring better and meaningful results. So, carry out the research, understand what you exactly need and find accompany to create the best app.

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