Building an app successfully doesn’t mean that it will garner numerous downloads.

Almost everyone around thinks that creating an efficient application is the hardest thing to do. But, TBH, marketing is not so very tough a thing to do. There are a good number of individuals who keep on seeking for several mobile apps every passing day. So, all you require knowing and learning is the way of being at the accurate spot at the perfect time.

Do you think that I’m just overstating stuff? Well, I’m here with my numbers to prove my point.

Stats tell us that almost 1300+ apps get released every day. And, to be precise, 5+ million apps are already present in the app stores.

So, I guess you can already guess how competitive this field is.

Today, to make an app successful and to garner a huge number of downloads, you need a power-packed strategy to market your application.

So, do you have an app? Do you wish to boost the downloads for it?

Well, if you do, then this is the sweet spot for you as here in this article I will discuss the ways that will help you boost your app downloads.

  1. Provide a Free Version of Your App

If you wish to boost up your app downloads, then the first and foremost thing that you need to do is provide your app for free to your audience.

Stats tell us that if an application is free, it will garner much more downloads than paid apps do.


Image Source: Apple

Also, 94% of the apps available in various app stores, come for free. And, to make your application popular, you do need a huge number of downloads that will easily push your application upwards in the lists. And as you already know, free apps can garner a huge number of downloads, they’ll easily rank up. To compete with them, you also require making your app come for free.

So, ultimately, to boost up your app’s downloads, you do need to make it available for free.

But when you have already garnered a good number of downloads, you can easily implement in-app purchases, several paid features, and a lot more stuff to tempt your users to pay for them.

  1. Optimize It Properly

This is another important aspect.

To make your app visible in the search results, you need to optimize it accordingly. This is called App Store Optimization, which is also known as the SEO of app stores.

ASO is done targeting boosting up your app’s presence in the app store search results.

And, the higher your app ranks, the more downloads it will garner.


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Also, while performing ASO, you need to take care of certain factors which are, putting keywords in the titles of your app’s title and description.

Ratings and user reviews also put an impact in your app store rankings.

Also, the number of user’s comments are also responsible for the ranks that your app garners.

  1. Increase Your Presence Over the Internet

If you are active in your social media handles, that will also help in garnering more downloads for your application.

And there are reasons, if you keep being in touch with your social media audience form your social media handles, that will keep them aware of your app and that will benefit you in two ways. One, they’ll help you in increasing user engagement and secondly, it will boost up the word of mouth marketing. And both of these will help you by immensely increasing your app’s number of downloads.

Increase Your Presence Over the Internet

Image Source: nitesoftsolutions

Not just this but, if market your app like UberEats does, then it will also help you in numerous ways.


Let me tell you.

UberEats lets its potential users download and explore their features through a demo application.

So, you know what to do next, don’t you?

  1. Keep Updating Your App On Regular Basis

Customers always expect better results and convenience from the apps that they are using. So, if you keep updating your app regularly, that’ll help to improve the performance of your application.

Also, keeping on updating your app makes it perform better as well it helps you to remove bugs from your application.

Updating your application also boosts up the ranks of your application.

Also, in the description section, you can keep a part called “What’s New” where your potential users will easily get to know what are the features that they’ll get when they update your application.

So, you can already understand why updating your app is so important.

  1. Perform Split Testing

Now, this is an interesting thing. Split testing or A/B testing is the ultimate way of judging your app’s performance.

In this testing, app developers let their users access two variants of their application. They just split the audience into halves and check what reviews the customers are providing. This immensely helps you to work on your app title, description, videos and visual icons as well.

split testing

Image Source: instapage

By splitting your audience, you can easily judge which app title or which description or other stuff lure most of the audience.

AndroidPub had performed this test previously which aided them with 30% more downloads.

Though, there is an issue. If you are looking forward to creating an app for iOS then, this facility Is not available for you as Apple has no such feature of testing your app. But on the other hand, the Play Store lets you split test your application using a tool named Google Experiments.

Though, Android developers can also perform similar tests on their applications using some third party services known as StoreMaven, SplitMetrics etc.


You require value and regularity, both to keep up with your app download expectations.

You do require a huge burst of fame to garner huge downloads but that isn’t enough for the long run. Your user base must keep on growing.

But if you can keep up with the factors such as App Store Optimization, regular updates and split tests, your user base will definitely get skyrocketed.

Also, take care of your marketing strategy that you have prepared just for your app. Keep it updated on a regular basis as well.

So, I hope my article helped you enough in solving your queries regarding boosting up your app’s ranks in the app stores. If it did, share with us what you feel in the comments section.

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