Web View is not a new thing in the market anymore as we have experienced UIWebView in previous years.

In the 8th version of iOS along with the older versions, the app developers were used to in implementing UIWebview to iOS. This UIWebview used to embed website content in the iOS apps.

But there were issues with this user interface. It used to work a bit slower and also tended to leak memory which was not acceptable at all.

Not just this but this user interface used to lag in the mobile version of Safari irrespective of its fast JavaScript code.

Later on, WKWebView joined the mission in iOS 8.0 when Apple decided to pull down their UIWebView to introduce interactive applications. The new framework was known as WebKit.

Why Should We Use WKWebView to Create a Browser?

WebKit is the main background support for Safari on both OS X and iOS. It performs several jobs here. Starting from parsing and rendering HTML, loading and displaying pictures as well as executing JavaScript, WebKit does it all.

Develop a Browser Using WKWebView

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WKWebVieww is an even more advanced form of UIWebView. Though it has its own kind of way of running an application.

It is not just for the mere job of displaying webpages.

Benefits of WKWebView

Your iPhone or Mac or iPad requires to expend some extra memory to run WKWebView. So, when it goes beyond that amount of memory, instead of making the whole machine slow, what gets affected is nothing but just the webview itself.

Besides, webview runs on the most updated version of JavaScript that enables it to load pages a lot faster than the way UIWebview did.

Let’s Dig Deeper

  1. Step 1.

At first what you need to do is, develop a Single View App and name it SOBrowerApp. Now select Swift as the preferred language for it.

Now, in the section of ViweController.swift, import Webkit.

  1. Step 2.

In the second step, add on @IBOutlets for the WKWebView.

  1. Step 3.

Now, as you have added @IBOutlets, you can develop a view in the Main.storyboard with the UIButton of WKWebView for the “Next” as well as “Back” with the option “Search (UITextField)”.

  1. Step 4.

Now select a particular URL that you wish to load in the WKWebView. After that, create Activity Indicator and put the observer in “ViewDidLoad” to load during searching from an application.

  1. Step 5.

Now hit the “Go” button. It will call up and btnSearchAction in the part where you are inputting the previously selected URL for loading the searchable information/data in your WKWebView.

  1. Step 6.

Now, work on the functions for the “Back” as well as the “Next” button.


You’ll get a number of options in WKWebView that are available only on Safari. You will get a responsive scrolling that acts at the speed of 60 frames per second depending on the pace of JavaScript, Core Animation, several built-in functions such as swiping back, forward and zoom.

You’ll get a better CPU performance that is 3 to 4 times faster than it used to be in the older days. This high-speed performance does not affect the pace of CPU for other applications.

Using WKWebView, you’ll get such an experience that’s similar to working on a much-updated device.

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