Have gone through the latest social media trends? If yes, then perhaps you have discovered that Chatbots are recently in high demand. These have not just reduced marketing headaches, but even have become a good reason for enhancing brand credibility and brand success.

Almost every marketer in today’s date is planning to incorporate this new feature on their website just to beat the competitors from every angle. Do you think they are crazy? Do you think they are making wrong investments? Instead of assuming something that you are not confident with, read the blog below to learn more about chatbots.

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What are chatbots?

Chatbots or chat robots, in a basic sense, are the tools that are designed to conduct a conversation with human users via textual methods over the web. These bots, when used by the marketers, simplify the communication style between the consumers and businesses, thus providing them with instant customer service.

Many people consider that chatbots are intimidating. But the truth is the incorporation of these chatbots opens huge opportunities for enhancing leads. Yes, you heard it right. These robots are responsible for driving organic traffic to the website, thus improving the conversion rates and eventually the brand awareness.

Is it really easy to gain traffic to the website using chatbots? Let us unfold the reasons that support the said statement.

10 Impressive Ways to Drive Organic Traffic using Business Chatbots

1.Email Blasts within Chatbots:

One of the finest ways of driving organic traffic to the website is through email marketing. Agree or not? But do you have any idea about creating “email blasts” within Chatbots? Sounds interesting right?

Just like email marketing, Facebook chatbots can generate automated email newsletters. They deliver relevant content to the targeted clients, creating an engaging chat blast campaign that drives appealing traffic to the site. Generating more leads and high conversion rates become easier and more convenient in this approach.

2. Fun in Interaction:

Fun! The word itself is so entertaining and enthusiastic that it can seek the attention of the audience to a great extent. Henceforth, adding some fun to your interaction can work like magic.

Interaction with these automated robots can build a strong customer-business relationship when you add some fun and interesting content to your conversation. The business bots or Facebook bots are not just meant for sharing information to the user. Instead of being so serious, you can even use the bots to laugh, to compliment, to motivate, to encourage, and to excite the customers on chat.

Do you like a serious client or a serious trader who doesn’t even smile for a joke? Do you like to work with the person more than once? Probably, not. The same thing is with the bots. The more you add fun and the more you excite your customers, the more they will feel friendly to share their needs and get engage with you.

So, more engaging users, more traffic. More traffic, more conversions. That’s all you need. Isn’t it?

3. Automated Services:

Marketers in today’s date prefer to use mobile apps for offering their automated services. But what if the same work can be done with the chatbots? Well, investing in mobile applications is not at all a wastage of money. In fact, it is a good approach to enhancing your brand. But you just can’t overlook the leverages that you can gain from your business chatbots.

To make your business more competitive and to make the process more convenient, chatbots contribute a lot. The users get easy access to make a payment, request exchange rates, and even find other money transfer locations. Now, if you talk about security then yes, they are highly secured and offer safety features to the users.

Yippe! You have got another reason to gain more traffic to your website. Won’t you?

4. Increase Email Subscription Lists:

Another way to drive more organic traffic to the website is to grow your email subscription lists. Wondering how? Chatbots is there to rescue. Here we have listed down some effective ways for this.

Add the subscribe option to the conversation. Allow the subscribed users to subscribe to your Messenger updates. Connect a third-party built-in integrations with a newsletter subscription. For example, MailChimp.

5. Use Chatbots for Selling Products:

Chatbots can sell products? Are you crazy? Well, we are not. If a human can have a conversation with his potential customers and convince them to buy a product and return to their brand again and again then why not the chatbots. They are equally efficient in selling products, probably more.

Chatbots are featured with amazing options for booming e-commerce facilities. Probably a new one, but the most effective one that must not be missed out. Selling with Facebook Messenger chatbots allow the marketers to sell their products or services seamlessly. Don’t you think this will provide an amazing buying experience to the customers? No doubt, such an experience will leave no space to compel them to return to your brand over and over again.

6. Make your Business Chatbots visible in the Messenger Discovery Section:

Are you friendly with your Facebook messenger app? Although with the inception of Whatsapp and Instagram, Facebook messenger app is not used so often. Still, users find a reason to explore Facebook and its Messenger app. Hence it would be wrong to contemplate that messenger bots are not so useful for businesses.

Placing your business chatbots in the messenger discovery section will allow the users to find and access your bot. But how? Move on to your Facebook business page settings. Click on to the Discover section. Click the “Set Up” button and find the categories that fit your business bot and press “Submit”. You are ready with your Chatbot!

7. Create Messenger Codes using Business Chatbots:

You must have encounter messenger scan codes while navigating the Facebook Messenger app. Isn’t it? These scan codes are similar to the QR codes. These when scanned using the Facebook Messenger app easily navigate the user to the messenger chat.

Don’t you think generating a unique scannable code for your business chatbot will be extremely beneficial in driving traffic to your website? Surprisingly, the conventional businesses, for example, the retail stores are in a plan of converting their consumers into chatbot users. Why don’t you just ask them about their overall profit? We are sure you will be surprised to learn about their growing success.

8. Add a Facebook Messenger Button on the Website:

You, of course, don’t need a brain for this. Chatbots or the Facebook bots can drive traffic to your website only when you connect your website to your business bots or add a chatbot button to your website.

Remember the way you established a fine connection of your website with all your social media options? The same thing you need to do with your bots. Just one addition and you can direct all your visitors to your website.

Why do you need chatbots?

Simply because you want to be competitive. Isn’t it? Over the last 5 years, businesses are taking the leverage of these messenger bots just to make the interaction of the consumers with the businesses more convenient. Besides, there is a multitude of benefits associated with the chatbots. Let us have a look.

1. For better leads:

Chatbots or it is better if you call them Facebook messenger chatbots, are strongly responsible for generating high leads. Any idea how this is possible? The chat robots are designed in such a way that they gather relevant and effective information for the customers as quickly as possible. In fact, it is the best way to serve your audience in a better way, thus converting them into potential customers.

2. For better user experiences:

No matter what you do to make your website perfect, you will fail to achieve the “100%” tagline. Sometimes readers while scrolling down the website unable to find the information they need. However, the interaction with a chatbot, the users get the opportunity to clarify all their doubts. Don’t you think it is a wonderful way to attract users to your brand?

3. For less time-consumption and money:

In a world where everyone of us is running behind time, we look for ways that can lower down the time-consumption and simultaneously save a lot of money. These automated chatbots do both for you. They make a response in no time and at the same time eliminate the need for hiring employees.

4. For round a clock service:

No employee can work 24/7, unless they are assisted by chatbots. Yes, chatbots are there for rescue in an emergency or an offline situation! Chatbots can respond to all your queries even if the clock strikes 2 am. They are designed in such a way that the customers can access these bots no matter in what state the business is.

With the advancement in technology, it is quite easy to install chatbots for a brand. But is it really a smooth process? We don’t think so. Creating a chatbot that is quite effective and powerful is a challenging job. However, proper planning and a strong chatbot marketing strategy can make the setup more competent and convenient.

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