The most recent statistics suggest that there are over 2.1 billion people using smartphones across the globe. This number will grow quite rapidly and it shows how people are happily adopting new communication devices. People’s interest in technologically advanced mobile phones is beneficial for everyone.

There are businesses which are trying to strengthen their relationship with the consumer through their official apps. Businesses are hiring talented mobile app developers to create cutting-edge and feature-rich apps that can encourage the consumers to use their services. Therefore, the demands for top-skilled mobile app developers are quite high today.

Even though everyone knows that it is important to have an official business app, people are confused between hybrid and native apps. The clients want to know why to hire a hybrid mobile app developer when a native mobile app can also do the job. The hybrid apps are more beneficial than native apps and this blog will reveal why.

What is the difference between a hybrid and a native mobile app?

There are two popular platforms on which mobile phones operate, the first one is iOS and another one is Android. The iOS operating system is designed to support only Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. The Android is Google’s product and used by numerous smartphone brands.

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It is obvious that the number of Android devices is much larger than iOS devices but that does not mean you should focus only on Android. A professional mobile app developer should be capable of developing apps that can operate on both iOS and Android operating systems. That’s how the concept of hybrid apps born.

In order to understand the difference between a native and a hybrid mobile app, you must know the definition of native and hybrid apps:

Native app:

When you are designing a mobile application to operate on a precise mobile operating system, it is called a Native app. A native app will either operate on the Android operating system or on the iOS operating system. As a developer, you need to use the app development languages and tools designed especially to create apps for that operating system.

Suppose you are creating a mobile app for the Android operating system, you will have to use the Java language and android app development tools to create that app. If your client wants to create an app for iOS devices, you will have to create Xcode by using Objective-C or Swift languages for developing iOS apps.

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That’s how native mobile apps are created for specific platforms. Though the demands for hybrid app development India are quite high, many clients still focus on specific platforms to lure a specific category of the audience. The native mobile apps come with some unique benefits but these might not be as beneficial as hybrid apps.

Hybrid app:

When it comes to creating a hybrid app, a hybrid app development company relies on standard web technologies including JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. The newly generated codes are later wrapped by using a third-party product so that the newly built application can act like a native application on various different platforms.

In simple words, the hybrid apps are designed to operate on any mobile devices your targeted audience is using. Creating such an application is not an easy task because it requires great understanding of the whole procedure. A developer, who is renowned for developing top quality native apps, may not be that good in creating hybrid apps.

The professional hybrid app developers follow a simple formula. They first create a simple mobile app and then deploy it according to the device types. Every hybrid app will be first written in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS and then the developer will combine it with a particular product.

The additional products or third party sources are used to wrap the new web app and the resultant app comes as a hybrid application that can work on both iOS and Android platforms. Yes, both iTunes and Google Play stores allow you to endorse the hybrid apps and therefore creating a hybrid app is beneficial for any individual and business.

How to pick a right app type?

Even though many would now agree that hiring a hybrid app development company India is the best solution, it may not always be a great choice to create a hybrid app. The experts believe that native apps perform exceptionally when you are looking to create a graphically intense app.

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Suppose you are creating a high-quality mobile game in which you want to provide the users with immersive 3D experience, you should create a native app. The reason behind choosing native apps is that true native programming is the best to ensure fast performance in specific environments. That’s why all the popular smartphone games come as native apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Some other features like better speed and responsiveness along with ability to work offline make native apps really an amazing choice. However, native apps are expensive, do not come with cross-platform support and difficult to maintain and update. That’s why you should consider the other option which is the hybrid app.

Now you know when you can consider the native apps and when this option is not a great solution. So, consider each factor carefully whenever your developer suggests that a native app would be great for your official business app or other type of app.

When to choose a hybrid app?

If you are not willing to create a smartphone application that requires intense graphics, you should probably go for a hybrid app. Hire a talented hybrid mobile app developer who can help you in creating a cutting-edge app for your business. It will allow you to entertain both iOS and Android device users within the targeted region.

The hybrid apps are considered great because of cross-platform support, single code base, simple and faster updates and you can market them in app stores. Yes, Hybrid mobile apps also work offline and therefore many new startups, established businesses and individuals are now investing in hybrid apps.

Benefits of Hybrid mobile apps:

A hybrid smartphone app works on both popular smartphone operating systems which are Android and iOS. You may have got this advantage but it is not the only benefit off creating hybrid mobile app. The demands for Hybrid app development India are increasing because of the following reasons:

It is a more cost-effective solution:

When you plan to create a smartphone app for your business, you actually invest in a new platform to engage better with your customers and prospects. You need to spend a much larger amount of money for creating separate apps for separate smartphone platforms when you decide to create native apps. This will not be the case when creating a hybrid app.

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A highly experienced hybrid app developer can use the hybrid framework to create a single app. He can further create and maintain different code bases for different platforms to deploy the app on both Android and iOS platforms. It is a more cost-effective solution because you will not be paying for creation of separate apps for Android and iOS devices.

A hybrid app can offer the same experience as a native app:

Many businesses and app owners choose to create native apps for different platforms because this type of apps offers excellent user experience. The technology is much evolved today and now it is possible to offer the same user experience through a hybrid app without investing a lot of time and money.

You should hire a reliable hybrid app development company that can create hybrid apps which perform equally great as a native app. It will choose comprehensive development frameworks to create a hybrid app UX. This UX will effectively connect to device-specific features. It will remain seamless even when offering new updates and working on fixes.

Your users will never recognize that they are using a hybrid smartphone app. They will not experience any major difference in speed and overall performance of the app, even if they switch to another device.

Seamless UI designs:

Today’s users are quite picky about their choices. They do not want to fill their smarpthone’s memory by installing an app that does not offer impressive design and consistent experience. They first install the app, run it and immediately delete it if it does not meet their design and user-interface expectations.

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The leading hybrid app development company India ensures you that your Hybrid app will offer seamless UI experience. The design will be awesome and the app will perform flawlessly on both iOS and Android smartphones and tabs.

Talented developers do not compromise with the performance and look of the hybrid app. They build it and then test it time and again on all the targeted platforms to ensure the user will not experience any difficulty in operating the app. Every targeted user finds app useful and impressive and therefore lures more users towards your hybrid app.

Fast performance:

The native mobile apps are renowned for their high-speed performance. Many people say that hybrid apps are not as fast as native apps, but that is not completely true. If you compare hybrid apps with other web apps and responsive websites, the hybrid apps operate much faster.

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The hybrid apps do not completely rely on network communication. It can run quite operate fast a smartphone even if the user is not using a fast internet connection. As Twitter is leading social networking platforms its mobile app offers a seamless user experience and it is also a hybrid app. So, you should not worry about the speed when investing in a hybrid app.

A hybrid mobile app can integrate easily with other applications:

When it comes to integrating with other apps, the native apps face troubles in inter-app interaction because of running on the same platform. No such issue occurs when you offer your user with a hybrid app. It is designed to operate flawlessly with other mobile apps using the same platform.

Every hybrid app developer finds it convenient because he will not need to put extra efforts in integration. The hybrid apps connect seamlessly with the user’s device’s system environment and therefore run flawlessly with other apps at the same time.

Cross platform support:

The hybrid apps are unique because they can operate on any platform. If you have hired an experienced app developer to create a hybrid app for your business, its performance on all the popular mobile platforms will be the same. The experts build highly interactive hybrid apps which operate exceptionally great on both iOS and Android devices.

Your users will also admire the app if they suggest it to a user who is using another platform-based device and still able to download your app. It will ensure the users that you are a reliable service provider to do the business.


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You can launch your app market quickly:

If you are running a business and facing a tough competition from other businesses in the field, your first priority should be launching your official app as soon as possible. What if you choose to create native apps for both Android and iOS operating systems? It will require more time and money. Your competitor may take advantage of this delay and beat you.

It will not be the case if you decide to create a hybrid app. Hire the best hybrid app development company and ask it to create a hybrid app with all the required features and functionality. You will get an app that you can launch on all the popular platforms without waiting too long.

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All of these benefits prove why a hybrid app is more beneficial than a native app. Even though it is not for your business, invest in a hybrid app so that you can easily update it with new features. All your users will appreciate the performance and design aspects of the app. They will encourage other potential users to download and use your app

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