Enhancing our lives is one of the topmost priorities of technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) has taken a dramatic step towards achieving it. It is estimated that by 2025, there will be around 25 billion IoT devices in use as compared to a mere 14.2 billion in 2019. This paradigm shift has opened new innovative doors for IoT mobile app development, causing developers to brace themselves and polish their development skills. All this to stay tuned with the trends that will rule the future of mobile app development. It is quite natural if you really think about it. Today, most homes have smart devices connected to their smartphones; smart watches, lights, music systems, to name a few. It’s only obvious to have apps embedded with IoT technology to help successfully operate these devices wirelessly. Various industries are using IoT to their advantage by coming up with sensor-enabled buildings, bridges, smart vehicles, and whatnot! All this bridged by mobile apps. This can be regarded as the greatest impact of IoT on mobile app development. Given to the latest innovation of Wi-Fi enabled thermostat for homes and offices alike, IoT application development has impacted mobile development so much so that IoT enabled mobile devices will far exceed 1.5 billion by the end of 2021. Clearly, IoT is all set to gainfully impact mobile app development. How? Let’s find out.

  • Increased Complexity in Web Development

In order to efficiently communicate with smart devices, users will be using the front-end interface of an app. In turn, this will make the web or app development process quite complex. In the image below, it is clear how important it is going to be well involved in IoT development. IoT economic impact

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There should be seamless communication between websites and backend databases of personalized data sent by IoT devices. However, this will make a website faster with no transmission delays.
  • Efficient and Cost-Effective IoT Solutions

There are several opportunities in the Internet of Things. Its main focus is to offer a centralized network of interconnected devices to its users, wherein, the network can be managed with the use of an IoT-enabled smart device. Not only does this provide easy device management, but it is also an extremely cost-effective technological solution for users as well as IoT app development companies. A simple example can be that of Beacon technology, which is essentially IoT embedded and tied to a specific location. IoT Solutions - Cost effective and efficient

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This is activated when a device with a controlling app (specific to the Beacon devices) comes into a Beacon region. The beacon emits signals to send notifications to your mobile device to switch on lights, check cameras, turn on the AC, etc.
  • A Need for Increased Security

Since IoT pushed users to save their data into a cloud system, there can be attempts to hack accounts and steal information. Take a look at the numbers below to see how IoT apps are at a risk of the security breach. IOT Security Impact On Mobile App Development

Source: CIO Insight

This has to be kept a check on by coming up with incredibly safe IoT security solutions to protect user data. Advanced data encryption measures are to be followed while working on IoT mobile app development. IoT can be of great support when it comes to data security as it can enforce smart devices to play as the first point of contact. This way, these devices can alert security professionals about an unprecedented malware attack.
  • Hybrid Apps to Become the Norm

Who wouldn't have any desire to try new ideas with the introduction to new technology? Nearly everybody is searching for an answer that transforms the manner in which we operate and interact today. There is more demand for a tech-driven society and this has cleared route for more astute IoT solutions. IoT app development companies have begun to utilize the most recent tech user interface (UI/UX) with cutting edge codes to concoct hybrid applications. No sooner than later will there be a significant increase in the demand for quality hybrid developers as well as IoT professionals to leverage their knowledge into creating an innovative solution to enhance our everyday lives.
  • Easy User Feedback and Data Collection

All industry verticals need user feedback and their data to analyze their business performance and think of measures on how to improve it. One of the primary benefits of IoT is making this data collection process way easier, thanks to the interconnection of smart devices, giving accurate search data, etc. This will help facilitate new features, additions, better UI, and bug fixing in IoT apps.
  • The Big Focus Shift

Already, the essential preference in mobile application development was giving an easy-to-understand interface that draws in clients and accomplishes business goals. Yet, presently, with IoT application development, the focus has moved towards empowering viable coordination between the application and smart devices. If you want to see yourself being a successful developer, you need to learn how to develop IoT mobile apps.
  • Reduced Human Effort

Developers and users are clearly experiencing the many advantages of the Internet of Things. With immense intelligence of the Internet with gadgets being IoT-enabled, an incredible number of tasks can be overseen by this revolutionizing technology. Also, the efforts in building and optimizing a mobile app are also reduced with IoT. The impact of IoT can be seen in the following industries in the very near future. Impact of IoT on Industries aspects

Source: Georgian Partners

Bottom Line

Considering the above-mentioned points, it is unquestionable that IoT is one of the greatest and advanced revolutions in the innovation industry! It was presented when users were searching for some trend setting technology that comprehends their needs and builds their accommodation. There is no uncertainty that the impact of IoT in mobile app development has seen a sharp ascent in the market. Since a smartphone is the most advantageous and convenient gadget, IoT has underscored its significance in smartphones at the same time profiting the organizations and application developers too.

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