The mobile app development field is surely growing way faster than before. No doubt that there are so many amazing things to see in 2019 because the trend is almost changing. From the framework to design, every app developer company is coming up with new strategies and effective ideas. So, you can pretty much expect a huge number of new things.

Still, there are few months in 2019 and 2018 is about the corner, everyone is waiting for the new year, so it is pretty much the best time to talk about some upcoming frameworks and the rumors taking up over the internet from past couple months. The below mentioned are top frameworks used by Mobile Application Development India and you can surely expect the same in 2018.

Let’s take a close look at all by considering features and their functionality to evaluate them properly.

Corona SDK

To develop a game or app with highest refreshing rate, smooth performance and pretty much easy to use features, the Corona SDK will make you feel happy. It is absolutely the game changer due to the speed which is ten times faster than any other app development tool. It is based on LUA which makes it simple and provides enough power to work at better speed.

In term of functionality and features, there is a huge number of features to come up with the design you want. Corona SDK has a huge presence in the Android field and it can help with IOS apps also. But, if you are looking for the best mobile app company in India then prefer a company that is using Corona SDK. You are never going to regret this decision.


The realm has been used in most of Android and IOS apps development in 2018. The app development companies say that Realm offers the most powerful framework database. So, you have almost everything to start with and you can focus on the need. You can expect a good speed also, but the advantage comes with the framework database.

Most of the upcoming Android apps will get Realm framework because it is cheaper and reliable option. Chances of facing issues due to bugs are very low and it works perfectly. In simple words, this tool is enough to fulfill your need and help with the development of best apps without getting into any kind of trouble in the future.

The AppBuilder

The AppBuilder become the versatile option because it is supported by HTML 5 which leads to better performance, easy to use functionality and fewer errors. It is a codeless platform which helps developing an app at beast mode because you have to choose the platforms and you are ready to go. It is necessary that you use the right framework which can meet the need of your business.

You can get almost everything on this platform because it offers updates, analysis, notification and many other pre-built blocks. For a good developer, this tool is just like a cake walk. This platform gives the ability to non-coders to develop whatever they want. However, it is limited to Android for non-coders. Developing an IOS app take time and require efforts.

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Sencha Touch

No doubt that the Mobile App Development India offers you the option to choose the platform and get the app developed. But, if you choose a poor platform and a wrong development company, then you can end up getting into many issues. With the help of Sencha Touch, you can expect impressive speed and easy to develop option. You can choose the framework and begin.

You have to tackle with little bit coding, but that is not going to consume much time. You have to focus on the fact that you choose the proper framework design that is mobile friendly and work on cross platforms also. By such methods, you can avoid most of the issue. The specialty of Sencha Touch is 50 built-in UI components and you are also able to choose the theme for your need with ease.

React Native

So, the last one of this list is React Native, but it is surely the least one of all. React native is preferred by mobile application development company in India because most of the popular apps are developed in it. Instagram is a well-known app and you will be amazed by the fact that this app is still developed in React Native.

Building cross-platform app is the main target here and if you are a brand then you want to focus on both Android and IOS. The number of users is high on Android but IOS users can help build brand loyalty and taking your brand to the next level in no time. Hope, this list of popular app development platform will help you choose the right one in 2019.

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