The app economy is growing exponentially and you need to give your users the best apps so that they can interact with you effortlessly. The study suggests that people want seamless and clear brand communication without any cognitive load. That means you have to create functionally perfect apps, let’s find out what you should do in 2019 while creating iOS apps.

Undoubtedly, before you find iphone app development services, you should know how much you are required to spend on the app because then you can plan appropriately.

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The budget for iOS app development:

The budget could vary from $ 20, 000 to $1, 50, 000 depending upon the kind of apps that you want to build. For instance, if you want to build an offline standalone app, then it might cost you 10 thousand dollars and if you want VR or AR apps, then you might need to spend $ 70, 000. And if you want an enterprise-level app, then you must be thinking about more than $1, 000 and 000.

Now, the budget can be broken down into categories and each phase would cost you some amount. Let’s have a quick look at the budgeting process before you speak with iphone app development services.

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Budgeting phase:

Business Analysis cost: You just have a brilliant idea about your business app but then, you should understand the fact that imaginations can be outlandish that means you have to find out whether your ideas are pragmatics and achievable or not. All you have to do is to offer an UML diagram to the mobile app development team. In addition, you should also ensure whether the app conforms to Google’s and Apple’s best practice codes or not. The business analysis process would cost you 10-12 percent of your total cost.


You should get a clickable prototyping before you give the development team the green signal. Since you need to know how the app would perform and look after the completion, you should get a prototype. In fact, you can use prototype tools like Adobe to create prototypes. However, an iPhone application development company should be able to give a prototype. Here is the cost to it and the cost varies from service provider to service provider. iPhone application development company

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Project management, coder and features’ cost:

These are the major costs of the project, for instance, you have to look at the cost of the front-end and back-end developers. In addition, you should also consider the project management cost because a lot of teams get involved in the project that includes development team, UI/ UX team and testing team.

All you also have to allocate budget for features that you want to inculcate in the app. So, ensure that you discuss these aspects with the iPhone application development company while planning to develop an app.

Since you will be dealing with trends and evolving technologies you should know the current trends that are in dominating the development market. Let’s find out current trends in the iOS app development field.

Current trends in iOS app development universe:

App security:

This is one of the important aspects that Apple constantly stresses on. Since security breaching cases shake the market now and then apple has mandated App Transport Security for each new app that hits the market. And this makes iOS apps the most preferred for enterprise-level application.

Since security updates are prevalent issues every year, you should also be looking for strengthening your app security during development process.

Swift 4 is getting the foothold:

Apple has released Swift 4. The language since its inception has been in the forefront but this time around the new version seems to take over the market because it comes with various features that can be luring for developers. You as a developer must consider using the newest version in 2019. iPhone app development India

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AR and VR integration:

The all-new AR2 kit will enable developers in integrating VR and AR features so that the users can experience the events on a virtual reality plane. The new kit enables the users to explore AR from various angles. Interestingly, it works on various devices too.

If you are looking for creating a VR app, then you should be thankful for the AR2 kit because now you can materialize complex AR features using the kit.

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IoT apps are the next big thing:

It is expected that by the end of 2025, the IoT wearable app number would reach 75 billion. Now, that is staggering and iOS is also competing on the race. After all, it also needs to touch that market segment.

You can certainly plan to create IoT apps in order to gain the advantage of the evolving technology.

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Think about cloud-based apps:

Enterprises are keen on using cloud-based apps because it helps them in storing data easily. In fact, it also reduces hosting and storage cost. The data could be accessed from anywhere and that makes cloud-based apps one of the most preferred apps for the business houses.

You can also consider creating a cloud-based app because the market study suggests that it might just grow in the year 2019.

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Enterprise app development will see robust growth:

: Enterprises use iOS apps because it can be user-friendly ad the MVC format enables developers to create stunning apps with highly functional features, in addition, iOS apps are highly secure and stable.

You should find the best iPhone application development company that can create enterprise level apps.

Machine learning gets better:

With the advent of CoreML (Core Machine Learning). Now, the developers have the chance of creating highly responsive app, now the apps can be connected to camera ad Siri to give better experience to your users, you should also think about creating apps using Corel (Core Machine Learning).

Now after understanding the trends, you should be to the design aspect. In fact, a good design would mean having a great UI and UX design. Here are the key factors and components that you need to know.

Designing UI and UX:

The first thing that you need to do is to eliminate cognitive load. The cognitive load would mean the amount of cognitive capability that your users use while using the apps. That means you should follow the below-mentioned tips.

Eliminate clutter: If you have ever looked at a cluttered desktop, then you would have realized how difficult it is to work your way through it. Now, can you imagine how would your user feel when you push an app that is cluttered on to their cell phone? Undoubtedly, that would be dispelling.

All you need to do is to keep the content less by giving information what is required. You should also keep the design simple. Make sure that you use the progressive method to unfold information as the user progresses.

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Minimize user input:

Do you think typing on the cell phone is what people consider as a favorite pastime? Of course not! It could be the most bizarre experience that one can possibly have. Hence, make sure that you keep the form short by asking what a bare minimum requirement is.
  • You can also use field masking to help the user type smoothly. Field masking helps the user in entering text and noticing errors
  • You can also use auto complete feature for filling out the address form. This feature uses address profiling and geo-location that helps the user in filing the address easily according to their exact location.
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Dynamic field value:

Now, if you have ever shopped from a not-so-good online store and discovered that after hitting the submit button, it shows you errors that you just have made during typing. Undoubtedly, that is the frustrating but you can certainly use the dynamic felid value that checks the correctness of the field immediately after the user enters the information.

Use visual elements:

After minimizing input, you should try to make the app more users in a friendly way by adding visuals to the important components of the app. The below-mentioned image explains how the visual element of the app eases out everything. iPhone app development in india

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Design consistency:

A good ios app development company will try to keep things consistent by keeping each element in-sync. The following are some tips that might just help you in keeping the consistency.
  • Make sure that the buttons, labels ad typeface are consistent and have the same look
  • All the interactive components must look and function similar manner
  • You should bring brand consistency because the app should look similar to your website if you want your users to recognize your products easily

Consider platform guidelines:

You can use Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines to create features and apps that conform to the platform’s guidelines. By doing this you would ensure that the users get familiar with app’s interaction pattern. If you move away from the guidelines, you will end up in creating friction.

If you have seen a beautiful feature on some other device and other platforms, then never feel excited to use that features because anything that is not native can hamper the performance of the apps.

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Give proper error message:

It is likely for the users to make mistakes but then you should be proactive in creating error messages that are comprehensible by users. Since each user is not tech-savvy, you should consider giving simple error message so that the users know what to do next to fix the problem.

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Make navigation joyful:

You have created a beautiful app with stunning features but what would be the use if your users could not find them. Undoubtedly, it would be a waste of your resources. Hence, make certain that you make navigation as easy as possible and a good iPhone app development India can do the job for you.


The above mentioned are the important aspects of the development process but then you should also consider having your apps tested accurately do that the app functions smoothly when it hits your users’ cell phone.

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An experienced iPhone app development India will have a robust testing team who can help you in getting your app tested before you can deploy them on the app store

  • Preparing the test case:

  • * Automated identification and modification of the script
  • * Automated and manual testing
  • * Usability and performance setting
  • * Device and security testing
  • * Compliance testing

By testing the app, you will ensure that the app performs as you expect it to be. However, for that, you should find the best company that can create the best app. So, how are you going to find the best app development company? It could be a difficult task but you can make things simple by asking the following questions. Let’s have a quick look at the questions.

Find the best development company:

It could be a tricky affair but you can make it smooth by asking the following questions to the development team. Let’s have a look at those questions that you should ask to ios app development company.

  • * How long have you been in the app development field?
  • * Can you show me what kind of apps you have developed?
  • * Can you explain me the development process?
  • * Can you give me a prototype?
  • * What about front-end and back-end development team? How would you manage the team?
  • * How long does it take to create an Apple app?
  • * Can you offer me a strategy for the complete development process?

By asking these questions you will ensure that you find the right iPhone app development India to create iOS apps.

The above-mentioned factors should help you in bringing the best apps into existence. From budget to development and testing, everything should be well managed and organized. Since you are about to spend money you should b careful while developing the apps.

The coming year could be the best year for app economy as the users are keen on using apps. The study suggests that people spend more than 40 minutes using apps. Hence, you should create the best apps.

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