Google has already revealed that it will be hosting it’s annual Google I/O 2019 developer conference between May 7 and May 9. Those who might not be already familiar with this event, it’s when Google introduces its upcoming Android release.

It has marked the ninth edition of Android i.e, Android Pie back in August, 2018. But like any giant in the tech world, it has not stopped with it’s proceedings and is all set to initiate the announcement of it’s new android version, Android Q or Android 10.


There are many rumblings and rumours flying around about what new features and updates will the Android Q provide to it’s users.


Here is a list of features which are expected to roll out with the launch of the new Android Q:


Dark System UI

Not long after the release of Android P, Samsung has launced it’s own One UI interface, which is based on Android, featuring a dark overlay on top the system. It’s similar to the Apple’s implementation of the Dark mode in the macOS

Dark System UI

Image Source:- Android

Stock android users have been curous since then, if such a feature will be introduced to their devices as well? Rumours have it, Android Q will feature a toggle to “Set Dark Mode” under it’s display settings.


Revamped system fonts, icons and accents

Stock android users have always been complaining about the too simple and primitive icon and font styles in the stock Android devices.

It seems like Android Q might have the solution to this problem as well. It is believed to bring new pre-installed fonts, icon shapes and accent colours which will obviously be user configurable.

If it becomes a reality, this would be the first time Google would allow custom themes on its interface. This can be modified upon rooting the device.


New permission settings

Android Q is also rumuored to introduce a set of changes to the user permissions in the Settings. This would enable users to allow and send sevices and apps access to a certain setting. Thus, now the users can choose to opt for the app to access your location, even when the app is in foreground, in addition to the “allow” and “deny” toggles.

Android App permissions

Image Source:-  Android authority


Improved Google Face-Id Tech

Apple has already made facial recognition popular with the introduction of Face Id for authorisation. But, it was Google who used it as way to unlock your device as well.

Face Id

Image Source:- Newsmobile

Unfortunately, Google’s Face unlock was not safe as it depended on the 2d image mapping of the face, unlike Apple’s depth mapping which can only be fooled by your identical twin.

There are high chances that in it’s new Android Q, google will be introducing a secure Face-Id like facial recognision technology like it’s competitors Xaomi and Huawei have done to their latest flagship devices.


Desktop Mode

There are reports stating that Google will possibly add a “desktop mode” setting under developer options, once the Android Q rolls into the market.

It is speculated that it’s a version of Samsung’s Dex feature, which allows users to transform their smartphones into a full fledged PC when connected to a larger display through HDMI or USB-C ports


Reverting back to previous app updates

This is one of the most unique and attractive feature promised by google in it’s new Android Q update. Currently, Google allows users to uninstalling updates on apps that are on the system.

With the introduction of Android 10, we might soon be able to downgrade to a previous app update on any app. It is expected to be embedded on the Play Store, which will let users to choose whether they want the app to uninstall the latest app update.


Limiting 3rd party apps from reading your clipboard

Many of us are not aware of the fact that now all android apps have access to your clipboard, even in the background.

Android Q is all set to move this problem aside. Google is soon going to make the setting only toggled on for system apps. Thus, with the inception of Android Q, no third party apps will have access to your clipboard, enabling more security and privacy while handling your apps.


Apart from the above-mentioned features, there is a possibility that Google will introduce an always-present wallpaper to go along with a always on display and new tiles under quick settings.

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