It is really difficult for businesses and start-up owners to overcome the fear of app abandonment when building a mobile app. But, to tell you the truth, it happens and to make it worse it is frequent. The app world is a place where apps are launched every day, some get downloaded and very few are retained or used by users.

 The numbers prove it all. We here give you figures related to apps which will make things more clear

User acquisition or procurement is not the only metric determining the app success, in fact, without active high users, the app acquisition numbers have no value.

Well, if we drill further into the topic, we get to understand that there are reasons apart from loyalty. These reasons are plenty but the core reason remains the failure of true strategies that help to increase the loyalty quotient which result in app desertion or uninstallation.

So, let us figure out the 5 sure-fire ways to tackle the mobile app abandonment

  1. Your app should be able to deliver what you promise

There is a flood of app cabs but Uber remains the easiest way to get a ride. Why? Because it delivers what it has promised the user. I do not mean that the other app cabs are not good, or they fail to deliver what they have promised, but yes Uber has its USP of being the easiest, user -friendly, and beautifully designed app which makes it stand out among other competitors.

To make sure that your app is the best, I suggest you go for pre-design. Well, this does not mean to make and then again remake it, but follow some fundamentals to avoid such unfortunate issues in the future.

So, the first thing should be to figure out the problem which your app is going to solve. Is it able to address the issue correctly, and has not lost the focus in the process of creating the app. next step is to determine how will you stand out amongst so many competitors? It is for sure that even if you have a unique app idea and have created an exceptional one, there will be clones of your app immediately.

Even if you are inspired by a successful app idea, you need to make it exclusive for your users.

  1. Always optimize your app and use data to create benchmarks

This is the age of figures, statistics and presumptions have taken a back seat. These data actually provide the right information about what the users want. If you do not recognize your audience and their requirement, app loyalty will not follow you.

Data helps you in building loyalty and trust, as you fulfill the demand of the users. You have made adequate research and study in the pre-release phase, but you need to put effort post-release as well. you need to work on it even when it is on the app store.

Data is the crux to make such researches. To have the actual feedback and information of “what is” and “what is not” working for your app. Make changes immediately and send notifications to your users.

Mobile App

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This is the time that you need the analytics because they are the help to recognize what has to be improved in your business.

If your app crashes, has slow load times or pauses frequently, the mobile app metrics will be affected for sure. So, make sure you have checked the functionality of front and back end carefully to understand diligently how the app is working.

It is a fact that an app will be without any minor bugs when launched. But, once uploaded you get an idea of its functionality and if it is not apt, the users will uninstall it without even giving it a second thought.

So, check for the issues and get accurate results with data and analytics.

  1. If you ignore UX, it is costly

Even websites are now optimizing themselves for UX (user experience). Apps are built to provide ease to life and now if you fail to provide a product which is spontaneous to the users, they will abandon it the very next moment.

But, one very serious challenge with UX is that you can measure it only after the app is uploaded to the play store or rather it is live. This is the reason you need to be communicating with your audience for the right feedback and make the changes to get the job done.

In fact, as the saying goes that “the first impression is the last impression”, make sure the onboarding of the app is effective. For this, you need to follow certain criteria and details to avoid any issues and errors.

  • Reduce asking for unnecessary details and make the sign up really easy and simple. Avoid multiple registrations and stop giving endless options.
  • Teach your user with gesture or actions and avoid using a block of content. Knowing about the app experience has to the easy and smooth.
  • Do not bombard the user with a huge amount of information from square one. Rather, provide them details about the functionality and features in the process when they are trying to reach them.
  1. Try hard for re-engagement

Don’t be heartbroken if your user has abandoned you. They are ways to re-engage them and most of the times these methods are successful. There are further types of communications that enable to engage with your audience.

Social media, text reminders are channels that can give your audience interest igniting news that may prompt them to re install your app. make sure you prove right with the news or else you will be blacklisted for the lifetime.

Also, there are other ways to reach out to your audience. Try to become personal and use engaging content. Let’s begin with the first thing first. Try to inform the user before they download you again. Sell your app at the app store with all the newly added features clearly mentioned and inform them how you are addressing their pain points in the new improvised ways and techniques.

Also, mention that you have identified the struggles they are facing and how will you address them with the new strategies and methods.

Second, try to send them notifications and address them personally.

Personalization provides a better, relevant, unique experience to the user. If you remain stuck with uniform ways and methods, you are actually burning the bridges that connect you with the user directly.

Collect information, give feedback, and of course, applaud them for their actions. Offer incentives and introduce referrals which still works. Coupons, mobile related rewards, access to specialized content, and other ways will help to get more conversions and will enhance engagement.

Introduce points and rewards which are an easy way to get the most attractions.

Try to form a habit of your app to the users. This is the primary reason that all major social media apps are so successful. Users are hooked to them and they need to check them even in their busiest schedule. well, if you have built an e-commerce app, or a service app, make announcements, offer deals and other interesting engaging programs which will create an urge to them to check the latest updates.

In this regard, we cannot forget about push notifications.

  1. Use push notifications

We give an entire pointer to this and why not so. It is one of the major factors which help to prevent app abandonment. People connect fast when you address them personally. And nothing can be more personal than push notification.

It increases user retention and has shown considerable improvement to the app performance. The best thing about push notification is that it works for many important functions which are essential and boos the performance of the app.

Implemented effectively, it can also help encourage usage through targeting messages based on behavioral data and preferences.

It helps to engage users by providing them a persuasive reason to return for applications which they have uninstalled in the past. It can be so because now they have very specific functions and aren’t likely to drive daily usage. So, this is where the push notification plays a pivotal role.

Finally, these pointers are also very important

You need to dig for opportunities

One thing is for sure, you stand out as a winner if you make the user habituated of your app. so, build daily routine practices, even a single (meaningful) quote every day can do wonders for your app.

Next, if you find a new or innovative strategy, do not hesitate to implement it. Never be the follower but try to be the leader and make your own rules. However, keep a tab of the upcoming trends and introduce them to your clients.

Do not feel shy to repeat yourself

Even if you are rejected, do not hesitate to repeat yourself. It is a fact that you do not know about your client in personal because you both are on the digital platform. It can be the case where the user is not aware of the development and details of your app. so make sure to surface up again to meet your users.

Keep the focus on in-app behaviors

Well, after all this, you cannot afford to be reckless and follow your own will. Iterate on the moves and implements which you designed and the performance of the same. Be your own critic, ask your family, friends, relatives and gain honest feedback.

Final thoughts

App download does not fulfill the purpose, instead, the app retention is an important and deciding factor for the success of the app. Loyal and long-term customers will help you to get the desired revenue from your app. the above methods are very important and they actually generate the desired results.

They do have a great impact on changing the landscape of the app performance and yield great results.

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