Mobile applications are being now utilized in multiple aspects as time passes. Technologies such as Augmented Reality, IOT, Virtual Reality, GPS, Beacons have become a part of our life both in personal or professional fields.

Tech evangelism has been a primary focus of many mobile app development companies for the last decade. Apple has been focusing more on community building exercises to allow knowledge sharing so that developers can collaborate, learn and grow together.

We have seen a number of iOS developers playing this role and one can keep pace with all the latest advancements by following these evangelists.

We have narrowed out the Top 20 bloggers of iOS Development, who can help you learn and innovate.

1- Maniac dev

It is a one-stop web portal for iOS Development libraries, tutorials, codes and tools which are a solution for multiple requirements. was created by Johann Dowa, he provides valuable insights about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

2- Ray Wenderlich

This portal was created by Ray Wenderlich with the collaboration of multiple developers around the globe. The portal has a huge collection of about 1745+ tutorials which gives hands-on experience of the latest research areas of the ios devices.

3- Erica Sadun

This portal created by Erica has unique updates about ios, apps, hardware and relevant software. She has authored a book named " The swift developer's cookbook" which is of great help to developers.


This blog is maintained by Dave Verwer. It gives timely unique updates about the iOS industry to its readers and users on a whole. It uploads a newsletter every Friday about the iOS domain and some unique hacks as well.

5- Mike Ash

Mike Ash is a renowned adventure-friendly developer known to live on the edge. His blogs are explanations of his iOS development tricks and hacks. Generally, he sets up a Q&A series on Fridays where developers from around the globe ask and get their queries solved.

There is a huge list of software on his blog which can be utilized by the developers. All of this software is verified and tested by Mike Ash himself.

6- Furbo

Craig Hockenberry is the creator behind this blog. He also works as a developer of apps and websites for his clients around the globe. He has been in the blogging arena for more than a decade and has shared information regarding the development of apps, mac, Xcode, and websites.

He holds a total of 3-decade experience in the mobile app development field. Thus we can say he has a strong command on user journey which can help developers in UI and UX development.

7- James Sugrue

This blog is by James Sugrue. He is from Ireland and works as a lead architect and growth hacker in a startup. James is known for building applications with the use of backbone.js which is all about architecture, test-driven development and the process of integration of JavaScript API. He is also experienced with Appcelerator Titanium. He releases a weekly roundup regarding mobility solutions on Dzone as well.

8- Ole Begemann

The owner and writer of the blog are Ole Begemann, an iOS and Mac developer from Berlin. He has been writing about Apple and its products since 2008. He might not be very active on the portal but the selected articles he posts are worth spending your time now.

 He has shared his experiences and thoughts on Mental Models in API design on July 31, 2017. It was inspired by Don Norman's classic "The Design of Everyday Things".

9- Dev Girl

Holly Schinsky, a developer advocate for PhoneGap at Adobe is the writer of this blog. She has brilliant expertise in PhoneGap and Cordova. Her blog includes valuable information about the development of applications, websites, and testing. She maintains a simple, conversational and easy to grasp style of blogging.

10- Ivo Mynttinen

If you are into creating user-friendly apps Ivo Mynttinen is the guy you should be following. He has a great understanding of UI and is working with multiple clients across the globe. His blogs tell about his experiences in coding, designing, and freelancing.

11- Games From Within

As an iOS developer, creator Noel Llopis is known for his experience with gaming apps.  He has written a book named "C++ for Game Programmers". The blog is all about his experiences, learnings, and happenings in the Gaming Industry.

He is a developer with creativity and imaginary-based skills.

12- Blue Cloud Solutions

Carter Thomas is the creator of this blog. His blogs include articles about how to make and market an app. He is focused on proving complete information about strategies and ways to ideate on innovation. This resource can help developers to completely understand the app development market and act accordingly.

13- iPhonesavior

This blog started way back in June 2007 by Ray Basile just after the launch of the iPhone. He is a dedicated follower of this technology and has adapted to it at an early stage.

Ray is also a certified Machead and is enthusiastic about Apple’s products and its culture. He has been also a social media consultant and music branding specialists for many retailers.

14- Atomic Bird

This consultancy for creating web and mobile applications was created by Tom Harrington. He has written various critical articles about Mac and iOS since 2002. Developers can reach him through his Twitter(@atomicbird) too to get answers to their queries.

15- Ben Scheirman

Scheirman is a software developer based out of Texas who has spent most of his career on Objective-C, Swift, and Ruby. Ben has also written about iOS development since 2009 and has created apps like Pocket Tabs.

He has one more website called where he shares his thoughts and experiences about iOS development in form of videos and screencasting. It is advised to follow this blog as well as religiously.

16- Mugunth Kumar

It is a personalized blog written by Mugunth Kumar who is an iOS developer, trainer, and author of the book "iOS Programming: Pushing the Limits". He can be reached out not only through his blogs but on other iOS-based communities as well.

17- Sub Further

This amazing blog is written by the author of iOS 10 SDK Development, Chris Adamson. He is regular in his portal and keeps it updating with topics like coding structures, speaking experience, and Apple's newly released products.

18- Peter Steinberger

Peter Steinberger, the creator of this blog is the founder and CEO of PSPDFKit, a PDF framework for IOS, Android, and web. He is a brilliant ability to detect bugs and resolve them efficiently. He mainly writes about iOS and what developments can be expected from it in the near future.

19- Think and build

Yari D’aregliam, who is an iOS and OS X developer at Neato Robotics in California manages this blog. His articles are mainly about the architecture of apps and programs, creating custom controls and numerous app updates which might be useful to the audience. "iOS UI Development", a book by him is being followed by many UI developers all over the world.

20- ios-goodies

This is an iOS newsletter curated and distributed by Rui Peres and Tiago Almeida. It circulates credible information from multiple sources and shares them with its subscribers.

There are articles related to iOS, business trends in the mobile industry, Xcode, hacks of iOS and so on.

Wrap Up

Over the past few years, Apple has always come up with new and interesting methods of communicating with its users. This is why developers need to identify the possibilities and find out ways to implement those possibilities efficiently

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