By now most of you are well versed with Google Assistants, and might already be requesting Siri and Alexa to do everyday tasks for you! For example, bet you’ve asked Siri “what is my agenda for today’? or “what’s the weather report now”?

A few decades back, you couldn’t even imagine a machine doing or assisting you in your day to day life. However, times have changed! No more is the concept of augmented reality or AI an idea shown in science fiction.

The progressive world of technology is continually opening up doors for AI services, which are designed to make life simpler. One such addition to AI technology is Google Lens!

First pioneered in Google I/O in 2017, Google Lens is powered by AI and manipulates a smart phone’s camera to detect objects.

Exclusively a Google Pixel feature, it is now available in smartphones like OnePlus 6T, in certain models of Nokia, Sony, LG, Motorola and others.

Now, while this feature does sound intriguing, you might wonder what’s so special about it? Can Google Lens 2019 help you make money?

Guess what! It can! However, to know more about it let’s understand Google Lens in detail!

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Defining the Enigmatic Google Lens

Imagine taking a stroll in a park, and coming across a unique flower! Now, you don’t know what it is, and you want the details. So, how can you find that? Simple, if your camera has Google Lens, you can point it at the flower and find out its relative details. What’s more? The smart Google will also provide you with details of florists and other information that can make you an expert on that particular breed of the flower. So, in short, Google lens can pinpoint and object and find out veritable details over it. But, that’s only the partial benefits of Google Lens. It can do a lot more! For example, it can suggest texts, find clothing or decor ideas, search around you for specific data, and even conduct an intuitive screen search! To know more about this intriguing feature take a look at the given link - pocket Let’s Take a Look at How Google Lens Work!  
  • Google Assistant

If you have a Google Pixel or Android phone then activating Google lens is a piece of cake because it is pre-installed in these models. Now, when you click on Google Assistant, you’ll find that the Google Lens icon is situated in the bottom right section of the phone.

All you have to do is point your smartphone camera at a selected object and let the AI-powered feature find the details. You can multiple suggestions like calling numbers, getting information on clothing brands, book aeroplane tickets and more!

  • Google Lens Application

Are you an android user? Then you’re in luck because Google Lens has its app for android! Just download the app, and tap the lens icon in Google Assistant to access the feature via Lens app.

  • The Camera App

As mentioned before few android phones like OnePlus 6T already have Google lens pre-installed in their camera app. So, by simply accessing the camera and by focusing it towards an object one can find required details within a short period.

  • Google Photos

So, you recently purchased a One Plus 6T and cannot wait to try out their incorporated Google Lens 2019? Well here’s what you can do! Say you wish to visit the “Notre-Dame de Paris”, then simply let Google Lens access the image of Notre Damn form your phone and it’ll provide all required details like:

  • Directions
  • Famous artwork
  • Building history
  • Best time to visit
  • Opening hours

To know more about how it works you can go through this link here - wtop


Moving on, now that you know how this interesting feature works, time to understand if a business can explore the benefits of Google Lens!


How can Brands Use Google Lens?


Google lens isn’t just for show and entertainment! In the fast-paced world of business, this particular feature has quite a few advantages:

  1. Businesses can Scan Cards
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Okay, business cards have not gone out of date! So, if you’re a brand or client that continually receives these cards, it can be harrowing to constantly note down details of these cards manually.

Thankfully, your Google Lens option will automatically scan this card and transform the data to the phone’s address book. This saves time and sanity; sadly this feature is only available in the android version.

The iOS version only scans mails and cards for now but does not save it automatically.

2.Botanical Help application development india

If you’re a researcher working on flora and fauna chances are you can reap the perks of Google Lens best! Whether it is a rainforest you’re visiting or a nearby park, if you find an unusual flower or plant, Google Lens can help you find the details.

This is especially useful if you have a commercial website selling herbs and plants. Through this you can get an insight on plants, find places to buy these, discover ways to farm these and many more.

  1. Discover Details on Buildings
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Hypothetically, let’s assume you own a business in construction. Then Google lens can help you find out details on various buildings and monument, which can assist you in framing, designing or gaining insight on various skyscrapers.

Now, let’s say as an owner of construction A you wish to combine new styles and patterns in your penthouse designing. You can simply access Google Photos, and find out details on any building that you find interesting.

For example, Google Lens 2019 can help you discover who manufactured the building, it’s location, it’s speciality etc. This will help you comprehend and plan your architectural strategy best. You can also research your competitors using Google Lens

Like say construction B, is your competitor, then you can find sky high’s made by them and discover their style, popularity etc. This will help you make a business strategy, which will work best for your brand.

Find more about Google Lens’s interesting features from here - beebom

4.Restaurant Reviews You’re about to throw a corporate party, and you want to invest in the best seafood restaurant in town! Simply, let your Google Lens access nearby restaurant and provide you with details like:
  • Restaurant open/close timing.
  • Rating of the Eatery
  • Available details of the eatery like phone numbers and mails

This can also work another way! The restaurant owner can check out it’s where the eatery stands owing to available reviews.

  1. Real-Time Data Copying 
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2018’s Google I/O added another noted feature to Google Lens and, that is its ability to copy messages or text in real-time.

Before Google Lens would only capture an image to run an optical recognition over it. However, now this virtual text can be copied to the phone’s screen, and even translated.

How can this help brands? Well, firstly you want details of products you can simply aim the camera and copy it. You can also interpret global client mails provided in a different language as Lens translates too.

What’s more? If you’re doing research and need to copy out texts, your AI-powered Lens will do that for you.

  1. Add Events Seamlessly

Another benefit you can reap via your Google Lens 2019 is adding events to calendars. Let’s say you’re a delegate in the United States, and you have to attend numerous conferences and meetings. Then by simply using your Google Lens you can snap a picture of upcoming events and schedule them in your calendar.

This will help you stay updated on important upcoming meetings or conferences, which are quite essential for delegates and officials.

  1. Find Music
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You do not want to download apps like Shazam one time for discovering music? Well, worry no more! If you hear a song that captivates you instantly, your favourite Google Lens will find out the music piece instantaneously once you snap a relative image of the album.

So, if you have a band or music business you can discover unknown tracks that might assist you in creating music. What’s more? For the busy bees, it can be hand to find good music via YouTube! So, simply find what you like by interlinking images and getting details on music. From lyrics to the singer, to the wiki, Lens will get it all for you!

  8.Scan URL’s

You’re surfing the web and your website speed slows down! What to do? Simply use Google Lens and point it at the URL and voila, you’re phone will open that link instantly.

This way you can work from your phone when the website is slow or responsiveness. Learn more about this feature from the given link - beebom

Well, this wraps up the ways you can reap the benefits of Google Lens for businesses. So, why not try out these authentic features and empower yourself the smart way! Good luck!

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