Social media networks & messaging apps have changed the mode of communication. It helps businesses commercially by helping them to reach their customers easily by using these technological advancements. WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile app which empowers the exchange of messages across various platforms.


Apart from this, it offers a huge chance for marketers, by letting instant customer service and highly target-based marketing. In recent years, it has gained commercial importance amongst businesses mainly after its takeover by Facebook for an enormous $19 billion.


WhatsApp Marketing

It is a modern technique of marketing, here digital marketers utilize the different functions given by WhatsApp to reach their potential clients. WhatsApp is a free mobile app that allows you to chat, call and video call with other users, without any additional SMS or calling costs.


It has been an outstanding tool to boost your sales. If you are planning to launch a new product or you will require maximum consumers to get notified about your services, Whatsapp marketing is a clever way to get it done.


Why use WhatsApp for business?

The most vital reason for using WhatsApp for business is that already a large number of people are using it. Also, more than 60 billion messages are sent across by WhatsApp per day. However, the users of WhatsApp and related services are ready to engage with businesses.

Whatsapp Marketing

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Nielsen’s Facebook Messaging report says, more than 67% of mobile users are expected to be more comfortable in utilizing chat as a medium to communicate with businesses in the future. Around 53% of users are ready to purchase from a business with whom they can message immediately.


If you have young customers, they will be more comfortable with using messaging apps for their daily communication.


WhatsApp Marketing Tools


WhatsApp Bulk Suite is a web-based WhatsApp marketing software. It is used in sending WhatsApp messages in various formats like video, audio, text, GPS Hotspot, Contact card to numerous WhatsApp users.


It is amongst the best Web-Based WhatsApp Marketing tools which allow you to run WhatsApp marketing campaigns on the cloud.

It can be operated from anywhere and used to estimate your WhatsApp campaigns to comprehensive numbers.


This one is a WhatsApp Marketing tool which enables you to find the most active WhatsApp number from your foremost list of contacts. It is a desktop-based software particularly developed for bulk marketing.


You can even send scheduled messages the help of Images, Text, Audio Files, Videos, and GPS Location.


 This tool also gives you the freedom in changing status, replying any incoming messages with automated replies, changing profile photos, etc.


It is designed to handle multiple strategies of WhatsApp marketing for the small & large scale businesses.


The Future of WhatsApp Marketing

A pilot program has already been started by WhatsApp that would focus on a green badge next to a business contact, indicating that the business was verified by the messaging service.

WhatsApp Marketing

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Later on, the company also stated that it is going to include business-friendly features soon. In the coming days, we are going to explore numerous ways for businesses to interact with each other using WhatsApp, as by transaction, order, shipping notifications, appointment information, product updates and so on.


Within a year WhatsApp is expected to take a strong place in the online market. Besides, some of the food stores are also showing their interest to start their business in WhatsApp.



We can now say, WhatsApp is a great option for communication which has the potential to profit any business. Although, it works especially well for businesses which have a global customer base.

If you have a multi-country base of customers, you could probably grow faster by communicating with them efficiently through WhatsApp.

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