It seems you are ready to develop a web application for your business. Well, that’s a wonderful thought!

But have you decided which framework to choose?

Whenever it comes to web application development, several things strike the mind of a developer. What would be the application structure? What are the features that need to be incorporated within the application? Which will be the best platform to conduct the development process? How to make it cost-effective? And many more.

Other than these typical things, what matters the most is the web application development framework. This is something on which all the above-mentioned aspects are depended on, hence needs to be contemplated without giving any second thought.

You must have heard of JavaScript. Right? It is the most prominent high-level programming language used by the developers for creating web pages.

Based on this language, a multitude of web application development tools are generated and are always kept in first preference. For example, React Native, NaiveScript, Phone Gap and so on.

But surprisingly, it is the Node JS that is recognized as the best web application development framework of 2019.

The best thing about Node JS is that it grants JavaScript execution on the server side. Maybe that’s why it is chosen as the best framework for app development.

Whoa! The reasons are just not confined to this. There are many more that are on the way to surprise you.

Here is a list of reasons why developers prefer to use Node JS for web application development in 2019. Let’s unfold them step-by-step.

  1. Develop Real-Time Applications: Are you looking for a specific platform to develop real-time applications? Platforms are many but not every platform offers a simplified development process.js is a boon for those who are looking forward to developing a successful real-time application with simplicity. This platform is mainly utilized in creating applications that include multi-user chat and gaming features in real-time. Netflix, eBay, and other popular brands have made this framework as a perfect choice for building real-time applications.
  2. Excel in performance: Another significant reason why marketers even prefer to choose this platform is the performance level. Just try this out and observe the performance of your app. We are damn sure you will love to compare it.In fact, you will be shocked to learn that compared to .net or .java, node.js app development framework excels in performance. If you are looking for applications that have a high-performance level, you must stick to Node.js for a better outcome.
  3. Fast loading speed: Followed by performance excellence, high loading speed is yet another reason for choosing this tool. In fact, both of them are somewhat related to each other.If the speed deteriorates, the performance of an app automatically slows down. While if the app excels in running speed, it will be visually reflected on the performance level of the app.js makes use of the Google V8 engine that is known for offering tremendous running speed.
  4. Code Sharing is effortless: Another reason for using Node JS for web application development is the seamless code sharing technique. Node Js allows the developers to share codes, refresh them, and reuse them without any hassle. They can reuse the code on both front-end and back-end by building a new abstraction level and categorizing them into simpler modules.
  5. Seamless collaboration: Other Java frameworks that are responsible for developing monolithic systems find it hard to share codes. This is because they don’t possess any discrete functionality and use the codes in the form of huge libraries.However, things become easier when Node.js appear in the picture. Node.js is loaded with features that show discrete functionalities, beating the other frameworks in the same frame. Possessing all these distinct features, the tool finds it easier to share the codes across the team thus creating a seamless collaboration in the web app development process.
  6. Seamless Data Streaming: Node JS is also popularly known for seamless data streaming. You may say, it is one of those prominent applications of Node.js.No matter what the product you are going to develop, I/O handling is mandatory. However, managing the HTTP requests and responses and treating them as whole data objects using some outdated web framework is quite difficult.Are you having the same trouble?Not to worry further when Node.js is on a rescue.js can handle the I/O process much easier than other frameworks. It even helps the users to transcode media files while they are getting uploaded. That’s the primary reason why Netflix has used a Node JS framework for performing A/B testing for a huge collection of data.
  7. Easy hosting: Node.js is responsible for conducting the hosting process with ease. The companies that are prominent for providing Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) often prefer to use this framework due to the above-mentioned reason. Hence other than the real-time applications, this platform is also fruitful for hosting service providing company as well.
  8. It is known for high productivity: Higher the speed, higher the performance, and simultaneously higher will be productivity. All three goes in a line and are all directly connected.Since the platform excels in handling compile-time errors and at the same time known for huge productivity, developers prefer to use Node JS for successful website application development.
  9. Provide SEO-friendly feature: Being SEO-friendly is an integral part of any digital business in today’s date. Don’t you want your website to gain high rankings? Don’t you want to enhance your brand visibility? Don’t you want to create high brand engagement? All these depend on a single yes to SEO-friendly feature.Keeping the company turnover in mind, node.js allows the brand to stay competitive in the market by providing SEO-friendly web application. The backend rendering, the high speed, the spectacular performance, the excellent productivity - all of them allows the brand to enhance more visibility
  10. Highly Engaging ecosystem: Node.js is loaded with tons of modules and featured tools. As per the research, over 300 new packages are added daily to the Node Package Manager (NPM). And today the total number of packages has crossed 300,000, thus making it the largest engaging ecosystem.Isn’t this exciting you to use Node JS web app development framework for your upcoming project?
  11. Excel in creating single-page apps: Single page apps are now in high demand. Marketers are showing their interest in developing these apps as they do not require page reloading. These apps are capable enough to interact with the user reloading the current page, rather than loading multiple pages one after the another.Are you looking for the same? If so, Node JS must be your choice, instead of being an option. With a high loading speed and greater performance level, the platform excels in creating single-page applications for businesses.You must take leverage of it.
  12. Proxy set up: Node.js server can even be used as a proxy server. It makes use of a 20 line code to stream out the necessary information from different sources and deliver them independently.Node JS, working as a proxy server, can easily manage connections without creating any blockage during the process. That’s the reason why developers prefer to use this tool for creating those apps that rely on other external services for importing and exporting of data.Such a useful one! Isn’t it?
  13. Enables creating dashboards: Dashboards have a lot to do with user engagement on a web application. Applications that head to utilize this feature must choose Node JS platform for the development.Other than developing real-time applications, Node.js is even known for tracking user actions with ease and that also in real-time.Such a feature is leverage for monitoring those web applications integrated with dashboards.
  14. Easy to develop: Compared to other JavaScript frameworks, web applications can easily be developed using Node JS tool. Maybe because it contains a lot of fascinating resource and libraries. Whatever the reason may be, it really makes the development process quite easier.Easier development procedure indicates lesser development time and efforts. As a consequence, the developers find this tool quite friendly for every project.
  15. Highly Scalable: Website Applications that are designed using Node.js tool are not just featured with high loading speed but are even highly scalable. Since the framework is designed with single-threaded asynchronous architecture that includes queues, events, and causality features, it has the power to enhance the scalability feature of the applications.
Reaching the Bottom Line

Due to the awe-inspiring benefits, Node JS, the open-source JavaScript framework, is used to develop real-time web and mobile applications. It has become so popular that several branded organizations like NASA, PayPal, Netflix, GoDaddy, etc are using this platform for developing their respective business apps.

It is now evident that Node JS has loads of advantages for which ignoring this platform for application development is not a good choice.

So, what are your plans? Will you like to take advantage of Node JS for web app development? Maybe this will be a crucial step towards your business growth. After all, the functionality of a web or mobile app contributes a lot to the growth of a business. Hence ignorance is not at all allowed.

Choose Node JS to ensure a seamless web app development process and reduce your bounce rate. Maybe that’s what you want. Isn’t it?

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