Ever since the dawn of the industrial revolution the global market underwent a complete renaissance. The rise of the internet began, and people took their business to the online portals for gaining exposure and boosting sales.

First came the popularity of websites, the need for SEO, the reign of keywords and by the end of 2017, the mastermind behind them all, Google decided to bring in another factor! It introduced algorithms that would focus on mobile-first indexing.

The reason being by 2020, there will be more than 220 million users who will surf the web using cell phones. Currently, more than 80% of website traffic comes from mobile phones. This is why every enterprise needs to focus on having a progressive mobile presence along with an interesting app for gaining more customer insight and brand exposure.

Mobile Application Development India

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Why Are Apps Important for Businesses?

Mobile applications have become the backbone of many businesses for improving brand exposure and customer experience. This is why more and more people are investing in the best app marketing agency 2019 for developing an app that is ideal for customer retention and acquisition.

Apps are moreover, important to business-owning to factors like:

1. Improved Customer Visibility  

Mobile App Development India

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The average American is on his/her phone more than 2 hours a day, and most of the time applications take up the bulk storage spaces of their phones. This clearly explains the importance of apps. Now, simply launching an app won’t get users to download it.

To make your audience download the app, it requires the assistance of app marketers. The reason being an app marketing professional will ensure to invest in app store optimization. This will help your app feature at the top of app listings and thus, promote better app visibility and download.

2. Provide Customers Value

Mobile applications work two ways. Firstly, it’ll improve brand ROI for you, and secondly, it’ll give your customers some value, which will, in turn, make them invest in your app.

Moreover, apps can offer customers various perks too. Few offer rewards and incentives, which are very essential when it comes to customer retention.

3. Enhanced Customer Engagement

Irrespective of the type of business you run, the customers need an app that is engaging and reactive. Thus, if you own an app with a messaging feature it is bound to improve customer engagement. For example, an app called OpenTable lets you book a restaurant table in less than 6 clicks.

Thus, customers do not have to call and book. Now, who won’t love an app where you don’t have to speak to people and can get a job done?

4. Build Customer Loyalty

When it comes to advertisement, often marketers tend to go overboard. From billboards to banners, newspaper ads, flyer, websites, etc. Advertisers leave no stone unturned when it comes to improving brand visibility.

Amid all these, most marketers end up losing their impact on customers and stop looking sincere. However, mobile apps help bring customers closer to a product/service without all the overbearing advertisements.

Thus, when customers can access your brand at their *fingertips* naturally, the brand becomes more popular to customers who choose to stay loyal.

On this note, now that you’re aware of why brands today need applications, time to find out the reasons for hiring an app marketing agency 2019.

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As per the Statista report 2018, the Android and Apple today offer more than 2 million apps. So, if you simply decide to launch an app in the play stores and expect people to download it then that is delusional.

Competition is tough, and this is why to reach one’s target market it is vital to invest in a mobile app marketing company. On that note, let’s review other reasons why an app marketing agency will bring your company a favorable ROI in 2019.

1. App Store Optimization
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One of the primary reasons to invest in expert app marketers is they are well versed with app store optimization. Much like SEO, app store optimization involves optimization of URL, app name title and other features to make the app more visible in the search listing.

Other aspects of app store optimization involve:

  • Keyword research and implementation.
  • Interlinking with mobile applications.
  • Indexing of applications for search engine result page
  • Optimization for improving CTR’s
  • Improving app ratings

So, once an enterprise invests in the best app marketing company in town and optimizes his/her app, it will get adequate CTR’s and will be downloaded more. As a result, you will get sufficient ROI while boosting your brand name considerably.

2. Better Product Analysis

So, you have an in house digital team and is reluctant to invest in another external app marketing team. After all, you’re convinced that your app is foolproof and will get popular with download audience.

However, consider this; your in-house team is looking at this app for a long time and might run out of innovative marketing ideas. What’s more? They might even oversee potential flaws and loopholes the app possess and end up launching it.

As a result, you’ll be launching an app that is not up to the mark, and all that money you invested will be for naught. Therefore, if you hire experts from a professional app marketing company this team can run a few tests on your app, erase unnecessary features, add more applicable ones, thus making you app stronger.

So, once you launch an app that is free of potential errors and loopholes, it is more likely to offer your web audience better user experience. This will improve your app rating and help it feature at the top of the search listing.

3. Powerful Synergy

Just having an in house team isn’t enough to make your app a success, unless they are expert app marketers themselves. So, if you only have digital experts at your wake, bring in a capable app marketing company, which can collaborate with your team to develop a functional app.

The joint combination of these two teams will help balance out each other’s ideas and even assist in able problem-solving. Therefore, this will make work smoother, agile and more concrete.

What’s more? An experienced app developer already knows what’s trending in the market, along with the mindset of the target audience. So, he/she will optimize and create the app to suit the needs of web users, thus making your app popular.

4. Strong Media Buying Options

Another primary reason to invest in an app development company is that these businesses are well versed with media buying. Now, Moburst states that media buying is important for optimal success of an app marketing campaign.

However, the process can be tedious as the company opting for media purchasing for a single product might not come cheap. Yet, most app marketing companies in this aspect have a stronger media purchasing hold.


The reason being, the most successful app marketing companies have invested in loads of media buying for clients before. Hence, firstly they have experience in the field, secondly, they have buying power over big ad agencies, third these companies take the pressure of you.

So, all in all, you can rely on your selected company to do all the hard work, and still ensure that your application gets the correct exposure once it is launched.

Well, that sums up the reasons why it is important to invest in an app development company before launching your new app.

Time to Unravel Few Hiring Tips for the Best App Development Agency!

1. Website Reviews, Word-of-Mouth and Testimony Android App Development Company
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When it comes to hiring an app marketing company the first thing to do is market research. Find out a few notable agencies and check their website for reviews and testimonials. Also, try to find out which agency your competitor is using, and pick that one.

Additionally, make sure to go through website reviews, and testimonials to find out what the users are saying about your selected company.

If you’re still not convinced, the best option is to go for Word-of-mouth marketing. After all, 92% of users trust word-of-mouth marketing, so recommendations are good options when it comes to picking an app developing agency.

2. Interviews

Talking face to face with an app marketing company unveils a lot on that company. So, schedule an interview and ask them the following questions:

    • How long have you been in this industry?
    • Are you aware of the latest marketing trends?
    • Can you help my business and meet my needs?
    • What is the basic turnover time for your agency?
    • What is the average cost charged by your company?

Once you find the answers suitable to your needs, explain what you want from the agency and see if they have professionals who can satisfy your marketing needs. In the end, negotiate the money and you will have the best app marketing agency 2019 at your wake.

So, now that you know of the importance of app marketers along with the hiring tips, work to pick out the best in town and make your app launch a success.

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