Case Study
The Project

All you need to know about the boxing world, you will find it here at Boxing Anthem. Be it news, highlights, rankings statistics, fight schedules or videos. It is the app for addressing all your boxing queries.

This platform provides you a round-up knowledge of all the latest boxing news and will cover all the boxing channels of youtube too. Some of its features are:

Getting regular updates about boxing events and fighters all over the globe.
You can stay in touch with access to TV schedules for fight cards around the world.
You get a curated playlist of videos from leading YouTube boxing channels.
You can Know more about a boxer’s profile and records.
You will receive detailed previews and predictions for all upcoming boxing matches.
Problems We Faced
The biggest limitation of a website is that the level of personalization possible in websites can never match to that of a mobile app. The website of boxing anthem faced the same hurdle. The client for a solution so that he could personalize the contents of the site, even more, to add an appeal to it.
E-mails are no more an effective way to reach out to users anymore. E-mails have been abused so much that they don’t generate the traffic they used to earlier. The client wanted to be able to send notifications directly to a user’s phone, thus decided to move forward to build an app which could do so.
The client had figured out the reason his traffic flow was dropping was that people are now spending most of their time browsing through mobile apps as they are much convenient than websites. Thus, to develop an app with innovative UI/UX designs which will be easy and simple to use was urgent. At the same time, the app should cover all the functionalities it had as a website. Let's see how our developers tackled this problem.
The app developed by Ethane Technologies has side-tracked all of the obstacles diligently. The app has been divided into sections like Home, Videos, Fights, and Settings. The app can also be synced with the user's Facebook account too.
The app of boxing Anthem has the facility of push notifications for al boxing-related top news.
The mobile app developed for Boxing anthem has all the functionalities that a proper app should have in it. Trending features like push notifications and swipe have been integrated. The UI/UX design has been kept simple and interactive to maximize user satisfaction.
App Technical Specifications

Boxing Anthem

For Android
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The app will be supported by devices having Android version 4.3 (JELLY BEAN) to 9.0 (PIE).
The design pattern has keen kept MCV(Model View Controller).
The app is compatible with all Android devices.
The IDE used was Android Studio.
Our developer has used Java programming language for this app.
For iOS
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The minimum version of iOS required to access the app is 11.0
The IDE: XCODE used to develop the app is 10.*
The Model View Controller,(MVC) design pattern was put to use.
The programming language used was Swift 4.
Storyboards have been used to enhance the app's viewing standards.
Our development team has used Autolayout + Autoresizing + size class layout support for this app.
The app is compatible with all iPhones.
UI/UX Design/APi
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The font-family used throughout the ap in both Android and iOS versions is Roboto Light.
The font color codes used are #000000 and # 444444.
The color scheme applied by our development team is # 289dcc
Wrap Up

Boxing Anthem was one of Ethane's major project where the website of the client had been turned into an efficient, easy to use the app. The journey from website to including all the required features in the newly designed app was indeed a great accomplishment by our mobile app development team.